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Going out with your baby for the first time - what was it like for you? Rss

What was it like when you went out in public by yourself with your baby for the first time? For many of us it can be a nerve-wracking experience. Maybe you forgot to pack enough nappies, that your baby will have a meltdown in the middle of the cafe and you'll face the wrath of everyone in the cafe or some other disaster.

We'd love to hear your tips or things that you have learnt along the way that have made going out with your baby easier…e.g. do you prepare your nappy bag the day before? Adjust your feeding times? Tell us your tips and tricks!
I was down at the shops the day I got out of hospital (3 day newborn). I was breast feeding so it was okay with feeding times. It was only a quick shop to buy a few groceries so we went down when my son went straight to sleep. He was an easy baby to take out, and still is.

I've always gone out once bub has woken up. He'd wake up and I'd quickly feed him and then straight in the pram for a walk to the shops/ park. I'd pack nappies etc while he slept. Usually the nappy bag was already packed with extra clothes which we kept in the bag all the time, and we always kept 10 nappies in the bag at all times, with an open pack of wipes and a new pack, same with scented nappy bags.

I say always have extra clothes left in the bag and nappies, wipes, nappy bags, bibs etc and don't unpack it. It makes it easy to just pick the bag up and leave out the front door. All I had to do was top the bag up if needed.
I am totally with Storm. We now have a 2 1/2yr old and a 7mth old and when I'm out with both of them I just take the one baby bag. But if I'm out with only one they have their own bag (tailored to their needs).

When squidge was a newborn we had to take her out as we needed the toddler out of the house each day to burn off some energy. My advice is just to take a deep breath and go. Over-pack the bag if you're worried and start with trips to places you feel comfortable (eg/. shopping centres have parent's rooms in case you are not yet sure about breastfeeding in public), parks are good if your bub might scream when trying to go to sleep, etc. The longer you leave it, the harder it is. smile
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