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Hi everyone, I am a single dad, can you people give me some advice on taking care of my 6 month old girl. much appreciated!
Hey there. How are you doing? I hope you are you doing great. I am really glad to hear about your doctor. All I would suggest is to love her as much as you can. That's all you need. Things will work out on their own. Good luck.
I would suggest you love her as much as you can. Try to keep her happy. Don't forget to feed her in time. smile
Sending luck to you. I hope everything goes perfectly for you. Lots of love for your daughter. smile May she stays healthy and happy.
I'd suggest you love her as much as you can.Don't be hard on her ever.Try to understand her wishes. Try to keep her happy. Don't forget to feed her in time. Things will work out with the passage of time.
Good luck to you. May she stays healthy and happy.Lots of love.
Aww. I'm sure you love your daughter more than anyone else. Where is her mother? I'm sorry if it's personal. Anyway, just try to take care of her as much as you can. Daughters are always very close to their fathers. But there are a few things a daughter can only share with their mothers. You have to take care of her as a mother and a father both. Feed her after every little time. Play with her when she's up. Take care of her sleeping hours. Just don't get annoyed at her if she irritates you. I mean she's really small now. She doesn't know what she's doing. So take a lot of care of her. Good luck to you. Much love for the baby.
Hi Ben, glad to see you here. your post really made my day. You are a very blessed person because you have a daughter. Daughters are the blessings of God. At the same time, my eyes have been filled with tears. Though you love your daughter very much she doesn’t have a mother. only a mother can know about the actual needs of his children. Your daughter is very lucky because she has a dad like you. You really care about your daughter very much. I will suggest you get married. Only a mother can actually know the pain of the other mother. also, try to spend as much time as you can with your daughter. Visit baby centers after every week. Take care of her food and basic needs. I’m sure that you will understand it after some time. wishing you best of luck for future.
This just brought tears to my eyes. You're an amazing human being. And your daughter must be an adorable little angel. You know, as the time passes by, you learn everything yourself. I'd advise you to watch videos on youtube regarding this. As you know, every child is different, so you can observe your child's behaviour and compare it with the ones in the videos. I hope this helps. Good Luck!
Hey there! Hope you're well. Just always remember to be there, in all situations. Try not to leave her out of sight, ever! It's a tough situation, you are in. However, I have no doubts you can do this. This is adorable! Good luck, "daddy"! smile
You are an exceptionally honored individual since you have a little girl. Little girls are the endowments of God. In the meantime, my eyes have been loaded with tears. Despite the fact that you cherish your girl particularly she doesn't have a mother. just a mother can think about the real needs of his kids. Your little girl is extremely fortunate in light of the fact that she has a father like you. You truly think about your little girl in particular.
Hi Dear, Hope you are well. Your baby is only 6 months old and this is the time when you need more abnd more care to your little angel. Try to spend more and more time with your baby and love her as much as you can. I am also sharing some a link with you. May be it helpful for you...

Hi, im happy to meet u )
Hi everyone its me again:) first of all thank you so much for such good response and advice:) 2ns of all, i have another question, i have cat also, is it safe for my baby? i mean the cat pees anywhre it wants otherwise mindy is a very good cat, i am trying to train it to use litter box.
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