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crystals in huggies nappies? Lock Rss

hi, i've noticed crystals on daniels bot at change time. i'm assuming its from the nappy. the nappy is not full, and i'm changing him the same frequency as always, but this pack seems to be putting crystals over his bot. is this normal? and most importantly, is it dangerous?

Tania. WA, Daniel - 26/01/06... smile

I've seen it occasionally too. Apparently they are perfectly harmless. They are just the gel bits used to soak up all the fluid inside the nappy. Not sure why they come out tho.

Logan 03/05/05 Lily 06/11/06

i notice them all the time especially overnight. maybe huggies should be told so that they can improve the best nappy on the market

Susie the proud mother of baby Kiara born 8.1.06

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