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Getting daughter christened and wanted to know.... Lock Rss

Everyone keeps asking me what they should buy my 5 and half month old daughter and I dont know what to tell them...

What are the sort of gifts you would buy someone fi you were invited to a chrsitening??

Not sure if this is where this post should go (my bad)

Thanks ladies


I had a name day for my dd about 2 months a ago it is sort of the same just not in a church and the is no religen.

Some things she got was a muisal carosel, any thing that had my first on it like tooth or crul, and lost of diffrent jewellery
hi eb
My niece was christened and received a variety of christening presents things like silver photo frames ,christening candles and jewellry(cross) not to mention things like a bible story book and silver cutlery/bowl set.
just to name a few
hope that the christening is special too

Rachel, QLD mum of Zaki 21 months

I've bought nice hardcover nursery rhyme books or fairy tales etc.

I try to avoid the good old money box or jewellry box as usually 5 or 6 people get them and there's really only so much money and jewellry a child needs!

Photo frames are always useful.

Maybe you could get a nice charm bracelet for your daughter then ask people to buy charms for it?

Hope something here is useful.
Hi Eb,
Jewllery is usually a nice gift for a Christening. I dont think there is a "proper" Christening gift, just let them know what bubs needs. If she has everything, just tell them (with the ppl u feel comfotable with) that bubs has everything, and rather than spending money on things she already has, that they can give money to put in her savings. Just an idea
We got given a baby coin set (or a dollar coin for the year...Aust post office), engraved bottle of wine, engraved candle holders, books, nice melamine eating set, cutlery (DS 1 is now 3 and still loves to use), egg cups,photo frames,money boxes,Clocks, memory boxes, jewellery boxes are nice for girls. You could mention a few things that you might like for your Ds or Ds to grow into, or special things for them. Even things like puzzles or toys (but these are not always kept down the track).

The local chemists and Post Office's sometimes stock nice gifts. Hope these ideas have helped.

Sal, two mischief boys 4yrs & 16 mth's

It might be practical and have no sentimental value what so ever but the gifts that my daughter received for her Christening that I most appreciated where the things she could use. Clothes, books, dinner sets etc. Babies grow soooooooo quickly that every bit of clothing we were given was one less thing we had to buy. I use her dinner sets now whenever she is eating because I figure why not. Otherwise they will just sit in the cupboard collecting dust. I am still spoon feeding my little one of course so the risk of breakage is decreased. Story books are always a great idea as they are something that can be kept and children love being read to. The things that have remained in the wardrobe and will probably never see the light of day again are momento boxes for first tooth and first lock of hair. A christening scroll to store the certificate in and a pewter engraved mug.

I hope this helps.


Karen, NSW, 1 baby girl

hands and feet sculpture voucher is a great idea i get that for everyone. companies are Impressions and twinkle toes. they are sooo cute.

Susie the proud mother of baby Kiara born 8.1.06

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