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The best poo story ever Lock Rss

DD has nuddie bum time after her afternoon poo. I've been doing is since like forever, and never had a drama. Well, guess what happened last week during her nuddie bum time. Yup - she did a massive crap 'doubled up' as I call it (2nd big poo within 10 minutes). The only problem was she was in the lounge which is carpeted.

I didn't know whether to laugh or cry, or SPEW as it was so disgusting. I was in the kitchen but heard her let one rip (fart). I popped my head around the corner to find her about to shove a rusk, covered in crap in her mouth.

She was so excited she had rubbed her own poo through her hair and waving her arms around, flicking bits all over the place.

I kid you not, is this like one of the worst poo stories you have ever heard !!!

We both ended up in the bath, stripped and had like three big washes including DD's hair. She though it was just the best thing ever, in fact, I think she had this planned for at least 3 months - lol !!!

I'd love to hear any other poo stories, just to take my mind of the nice little stain on the carpet in the lounge - lol.

DD is 3yr 8 months - DS is 6 months

ha ha u have me in stiches Kazaroo

oh yes we've had the "Smells like a poo.better change it",one where tha nappy comes off and she flings a turd you way!!!!

on our bed was a good one,hard when its happened on the floor as the dog dives in for a rub down in fresh sh#t

not happy Jan!!!!!!

xx smile xxx

Lillie....1 year old!!!

That is hilarious!! I was lauging from the time I started reading!!

Ok I have 2 stoires for you, one is my DD the other is a friends DS..

1. X'mas day my SIL had sent a special x'mas suit for DD to wear and she wanted heaps of photos of her in it. I put her in it when everyone arrived for lunch. DH was holding her and he says, she feels a bit wet I think her nappy has leaked. Now keep in mind she is almost 2 weeks old and hasn't done a poo yet as she wasn't getting enough food. I took her from DD and sure enough her nappy had leaked but it wasn't pee...yep it was yellow runny poo all thru the inside of her new suit! So I whipped it off and threw it straight in nappy san to soak. The shower was turned on and DD put under, she was yellow it had run everywhere!!

2. Friends of mum & dad were looking after their grandson while on holidays at Gold Coast (in a hotel). He had been asleep for 3 hours and then they heard him laughing when they went in he had done the biggest poo, taken off his nappy and painted the bed, the walls and himself...think he even got some in his mouth..!! He was happy as. So they picked him up and jumped in the shower with him clothes and all!! Then to clean the room they dragged the mattress to the shower and tried to shake everything off!! They scrubbed walls and everything. They were staying there for about another week and they said it took that long to get the smell out!!

What we all have to look forward too!!

Nat xoxo

Natalie QLD, Alisha Rose 13-12-05

HI mums,
After having an emergency c-section i was having a bit of a rough time recovering so my lovely hubby was doing the nappy changes in the beginning. Unfortunately for him one day as he was in mid change and all i could see from where i was lying was my DD's little feet being held up as a fresh nappy was being slipped under her, all of a sudden i heard a ripper fart, to which we both went into hysterical laughter. HOw could something so small and beautiful make such a thunderous fart?!!! But as we rolled around with laughter DD followed through with a poo missile that shot straight up my hubbys arm!
Needless to say, it wasn't long after that that i became primary bum changer!


Lovin this thread.. when you are having a crappy day then this is just what you need!

Ok.. here is mine.

* DH's best mate has a son (was maybe 2-3 at the time) was in the shower and the phone rang, dad went to answer phone leaving DS in the shower for a secend when he heard the bathroom door open and close. He jumped off the phone to find DS open the bathroom door again, throw poo at the hallway wall and close the door. In the short amount of time he had been on the phone DS had crapped and decided to decorate with it. Not only had he thrown it twice at the wall but also tried to push it threw the drain in the shower!

* When our DD was only a few weeks old DD volunteered to bath DD while I got ready as we were going out.
DH had undressed DD, wrapped her in a towel and went to baby bath to wash her head - he had taken the nappy off first and while giving her head a wash she had pooed - nice breastmilk yellow runny poo. This had blown out the bottom of the towel all over his good white shirt, shorts and even hit the bath mat underneath him.
I was in hysterics laughing - though I had to SCRUB (literally) his clothes as it would not wash out!!!!

Having such a great laugh at this thread that DH wanted to know what was going on...then he started to laugh as well!

Which was a good thing....

Now we have our own poo story, and thanks to all of the posts here...could have been much worse...on carpet etc

DH is primary nappy changer when he's home (yippee!) On the weekend while he was changing DS, i hear this cry for help, most unusual tone of voice, so off i dutifully trot to find DH standing there at the change mat with a hand full of liquidy poo trying to hold DS out of what was on the mat. (DS smiling full tilt all the while) After reading the posts here DH had decided that he wouldn't let the poo reach the carpet to avoid staining it (we're in a rental) and ended up with it all over himself instead (i'm sure that he's much easier to clean!) DS had hardly any on him. And me...well i just laughed till i cried!

DH then insisted that i "write him up"! grin
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