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Bath rejection Lock Rss

Hi there,

My little man is now 10 months old. He used to love having a bath, but just lately, after about 5 minutes he throws himself backwards and starts protesting (tears, whinging etc). Encouraging play with his toys lasts about 2 minutes before he gets upset again. We've been bathing him in the big bath with a non-slip mat underneath. He can sit up well, but I have to be ready to catch him when he flips backwards (he's a strong little thing too!).

Has anyone else had this problem develop...and been able to overcome it? Any tips?


Angela; Tim (b. 17.7.05), Will (b. 30.11.07)

What about if you or DH pops in the bath with your DS? DD and DH have a bath together while I have a quick shower. I then dry and dress DD while DH finishes off by having a quick shower. Its a nice little routine, kind of a 'family event' though - lol. Both DH and DD love their time together. They play this silly squirty game which basically involves sqeezing the water from the bath toys over the top of the shower, at me !!! What - don't they think I am wet enough or some-thing - lol.

DD is 3yr 8 months - DS is 6 months

we too use the little fishies as squiters

our dog actually sits on the bath ledge and watches us having our bath(He loves DD to bits)

so we squirt him with the fishes and he trys to catch the water in his mouth
DD loves him and loves this game

i also let her suck on the face washer!!!!!
mind you our baths only last about 15 minutes a night


Lillie....1 year old!!!

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