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What a morning..! Lock Rss

DD woke up at 7am drank her bottle then we had a dirty nappy change.. she played until 8 when we started breakfast - she got very boistrous deciding to squell and blow rasberries with each mouthful of food. At the end of her breakfast she had rice cereal spit over herself, the high chair, the floor and when I got a washer for her I looked in the mirror and it was even in my hair!

She then decided it was nappy change time again with another poo which went from one end of the nappy to the other.

We had some more play time which she blew more rasberries (and added baby spit flying out) all over the rug and floorboards as she rolled and put toys in her mouth which she licked and drooled on before she decided she was tuckered out and needed a sleep at 9am..

No wonder we never get anything done in our days! I now have to clean the floor, wash my hair on top of all the other things to do today..
Maybe I should get off the net and I might get it done.. he he

ha ha ha
DDis also at that age where blowing rapberrys in mums face is oh so fun

and is even funnier when she has a huge mouthful of food

as DD is a projectile vomiter she usually waits till i pick her up to spew down my bra right between mummies boobs too!!!!


Lillie....1 year old!!!

Hi darkandstormy it sounds like you had fun that morning and keep you busy and my wonderful daughter has just started to blow rasberries out of her mouth when she is eating now and she make a big mass everywhere and all over herself and me and the place but she is so happy with herself when she is finish having her meal and than she wants to be in the mass while im trying to clean everything up and including her and me.

I think im going to have one of this days. ha ha ha!!!!!!.

Tracey,Jaye (girl)12/06/05, Sam (boy)10/07/09

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