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Huggies POP UP tub.. and the refill packs Lock Rss

I got a tonne of the huggies refill 240 packs from my baby shower, and when i went to use them with the huggies new pop up tub, they dont come through...

They come through individually, its driving me nuts...

I wanted to know do all of the refill packs do this, or is it just the refill packs that were made before the new pop up tubs, cause i dont wanna go out and spend $14 on another pack of refills if there gonna do the same..

Any help would be appreciated.. and also.. what ones do you prefer, the scented or unscented ? i hate the unscented.. eww

I love my babies .....

Hi Ashlee's mum

The new Pop-Up tub refills are now available in stores. However you can still use the old wipes in our new Pop-Up Tubs. You just need to open the tub like you would have done with our old style of tub.

I hope that helps you.

Take the unopened ones back to the supermarket & see if they will exchange for you. If you explain your situation, they may oblige!
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