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Hi mums!
I have a 7 month old bub. Since last week she sleeps in her own room now. It was hard at first (for me!) but we have a baby intercom and she sleeps well so its ok. I have a question about pillows... I dont put a pillow in her cot, apparently its dangerous, but at what age can I let her use one?? what type of pillow and size, can anyone help?
Also, what age did you (or will you) put bubs in his/her room?
Hi i'm not sure at what age to let your child start using a pillow.
But with my edest DD she started using a pillow when she was about 2. She asked us if she could have a pillow like mum and dad. We just gave her a normal kids pillows. Hope this helps.

My first DD went into her own rom when she was about 2 months and my second DD went into her own room at 1 month.
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