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Full time working moms , how do u manage....... Lock Rss

Hello Everyone
Just wondering how dou manage full time work and looking after ur family .specially when u have very young children.I have 2 under u .younger one is just 4 months old.I will be starting work from next month.but don't know how difficult it will be. So wondering how other working moms find their time to do the household chores and also give quality time to their children .like palying with them. taking them to parks ...when its hard to get the basic things done( bath, feeding....)
I guess it is not an easy job to balance work and family life. If you have extended family or close friends who can help, ask them. Don't try to be a superwoman. When I returned to full time work, it was difficult and stressful (as you expect). But my hubby and I sat down and discussed who will do which chores. Then we always try to keep at least 1 day on the weekend for family time. I try to do housework whn the kids are asleep. We sometimes do shopping as a family, which is great time to teach my 7 y.o. daughter eg. maths, and concept of saving etc. Yes, sometimes the house is not neat and tidy but I find if you don't get too hung up on having the perfect house, then life is less stressful. But most importantly you have to do what you're comfortable with. Good luck! Remember to enjoy your family and have fun!

Charmaine(Ashleigh 7 y.o. and Caitlin 4/10/05)

Hi I only work 3 days but its still hard to fit everything in. The best thing I can recommend is to be organised and stay organised. Little things turn into big things if they are not done regularly (like ironing my least favourite thing!). I am an early riser too which helps as I get stuff done in the morning before my girls are up (not this morning as DD2 decided to get up at 5!)

Basic things can be fun too, we always have a good play in the bath and my 3 yo loves to come food shopping with me as it is her job to help pick out things. Young children especially are happy just to be with mum/dad so don't worry too much about doing lots of extra-curricular stuff.

Above all, don't stress too much if the house is not perfectly clean, its more important to spend time with your kids than to wash the windows!

Michelle,SA,DD1 4 yo, DD2 9/8/05

Hi Naz, my biggest advice is GET SOME HELP, because if you do not cope with the entire workload then it will make for a very unhappy, stressed Mum (not good for the kids!!!!). I have a cleaning lady, an ironing lady, a pool guy and someone comes and cleans the car once a month. I am a real estate agent so I work odd hours. This takes a bit out of the family budget, but we are still ahead at the end of the day and we get to spend time together on the days off, rather tahn trying to catch up on houseworks and general chores. My Hubby is a R/E agent too, so we get to juggle and share chores more. Don't forget to put time aside for you and hubby alone. Working full time and having kids is really hard but is a choice for us more than a must, PLUS I get to take our youngest to work when I need to. Naomi
I am fulltime too and agree that you have to be organised, Ie getting things ready at night eg bags packed, clothes sorted etc. It is a bit of an adjustment at first but you will find what works and what doesn't for you and your family. Hey in saying that i have been back fulltime for a couple of months and am still adjusting! Getting up after being up all night with a baby is so hard.

Goodluck and hope it all goes well.

Sal, two mischief boys 4yrs & 16 mth's

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