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How to get rid of the dummy?? Lock Rss

Hi All,

My daughter is 6 months old and has a dummy, she sleeps pretty well at night but wakes several times and just needs the dummy put back in, any suggestions on how to get rid of the dummy?? I put her to bed without it but she just screamed so much and got really upset that I ended up giving it to her and she went straight to sleep. I have introdued a special toy to her over the last few weeks in hope to replace the dummy with this but it doesnt seem to work. Any ideas/suggestions would be great. Thanks, Sarah.
I too bought DD a lovely sooky bear to snuggle up to and forget bout dum dums

to no avail!!!

I think unles your willing to go cold turkey you will have to wait till your old enough to explain that the dummy fairie is coming for a visit

a solution till then is that my DD,who is obbssed with hers,sleeps with 6!!

yes this may seem a tad exxessseeeive buuuutt.....
it works!!!

2 down the end of the bed and the rest in a little halo around her head


Lillie....1 year old!!!

my boy Kai at 4 months had the same thing he was waking in the end 7 times a night for me to put his dummy back in. I went to the health nurse and she said i had to teach him how to fall asleep without it. It took 4 nights of him getting abit upset not really crying before he'd fall asleep but it worked. I would go back in every five minutes to check him and let him know that everything is ok. He now sleeps with a blanket that he cuddles. I found our health nurse was very helpful with these things.
Hope this helps

ahh the dummy problem
g'day, i work in child care, have come across this problem sooo many times and is the exact reason i neverr gav my bub a dummy.
once introduced its very hard to get rid of.
try stoppin the dummy during day naps......this way u can give ur bub the dummy during the night for abit longer....while u get sum much needed sleep.........and tho ur bub may be unsettled during day nap.... u can handle it much better then night time !!
she will be concentratin on the dummy, so introduce something new for bed 5 mins cuddles. or a song. or music. or musical toy or speical blanket....this will replace her need for the dummy
start with that n see how it goes.
hope it goes well and rmember consistency is the key !!
let me know how it goes.

Danni, WA,

bump 4 bec
Day 5 dummy free and counting!
Went cold turkey Monday morning and boy was it a nightmare, have almost given so many times (especially in the first 3 days!).
But I havn't and I am glad.
yay for being dummy free!!!

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