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Pulling my hair out HELP Lock Rss

Hi ladies i have a 5 & a half mth old little boy the last week or so he has been soooooooooo grizzly and sooky he just cries all the time ALL THE TIME he does not have a temp either.
I am assuming he is teething although I can not see any teeth or anything. He will only stop crying if i am holding him & even then a few min later he gets all sooky.
I have noticed he has had pink / red cheeks the last couple of weeks also. I have just given him a dose of panadol and put him to bed he is so upset I just dont know what I can do 4 him????
Also in the last month or so he has started waking in the middle of the night it is so frustrating.
Does anyone have any suggestions 4 me I would app any advice or help i am going nuts & feeling helpless.

Mumma of 3.

oh hunny it really sounds as though his teeth are shifting around though you cant see them

rosy cheeks and grizzliness are a dead givaway

wet a face washer and give it to him to suck on,they love it
when he turns 6 months its a great idea to try Nurofen as its works heaps better for teething,only when his in alot of pain though

i gave my DD rusks at 5 months,only when she was sitting upright,he may start to also dribble and chew his hands,if he has a dummy this can comfort them
hope i could help
remember it could be MONTHS before you see a tooth

Lillie....1 year old!!!

sounds ur like bub is teething ! drooling lots, red cheeks, grizzly.
teething is cruel, bubs get grizzly and upset and us parents feel helpless.
cold teething rings are great ! pop them in the fridge (not freezer) and once they are nice n cold give to bubby. the coldness acts like an anesthetic and numbs the area for a short time and provides relief to hot aching gums.
hope its gettn better for u.
it should settle down soon.


Danni, WA,

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