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clingyness Lock Rss

has anyone had trouble with their son or daughter clinging to them? i have alot of trouble with my daughter clinging on to me she goes to daycare 4 times a week and my daycare worker kris has alot of trouble with her during the day because she screams the whole time any suggestions on what to do?

kris,sa 13mth bub

How long has your daughter been going to Day Care? I have had this problem for a little while with my middle child, but now he knows I am going to leave him and he just has fun.

What I can suggest is go and drop her off and play with her for a while there before you leave, get her playing with something she loves, or eating something she loves.

Perhaps she does not like the Daycare worker, and you need to get her to get her involved in an activity that she loves.

Your Daycare worker has not experienced something like this before?
We put my little girl in day care 1 day a week and she just screams but her day care worker is great with her when i leave and has the best day i send a fav toy with her 2 it does help maybe you need to work out if it is the day care woker or if your girl just does not like day care !!

andy, vic, 18mth baby

hey everyone,
i have a 6 mo baby boy and he isnt happy unless he goes everywhere with me. when i put him down and walk out of the room he will start screaming. daddy isnt even good enough ne more. do they grow out of this or is there something that i can do to stop this? please help its driving me crazy.

Tracy, NZ Zachy and J

hi tracey in nz,
my little girl is also 5mths old and now sobs her heart out when she goes to my mum's although she is fine with a babysitter, ithought she was too early for the clingy stage but maybe not? Have you tried to put your baby in a pack pack so he is close to you and see what your doing but he will also be out of you way? caitlyn loves to do this.
My husband and i have to go up north to be a bridal party in 3 wks and we don't know what to do, she really was hysterical at mums and wouldn't drink or eat, hopefully she aill like mum here. Mum reckons just to leave her to scream for a day and then she'll get over it... i have no problem with her crying but don't know wether this would jsut tramatise her so then she won't let me out of her sight again. Any ideas any one?
wher in nz do you live tracey?

michelle, auckland

Hi Michelle,
I live in Dannevirke. The hole of NZ wink . I might try that thing with the back pack. How much do they cost?
i hope your daughter is okay this time round at grandma's. Good luck.
hope to talk soon, Tracy

Tracy, NZ Zachy and J

hi tracey,
i grew up in Palmerston North, the other hole of nz... The back pack was brought second hand at a baby shop for $40 (bargin) My email address is [email protected] if you want to chat.

michelle, auckland

hi tracey , i grew up in other hole of nz, pamerston north. Took caitlyn to mums other day and she was fine, so i don't know what's changed. You can buy one second hand for about $40 I f you want to email me my address is [email protected]

michelle, auckland

My 6 month old daughter has been doing this for the last few weeks. She has to be held all the time and it's driving me mad. She goes to a babysitter for 2 hours on a Monday now, just so i can cook her vegies for her in peace. I've had to do this sort of thing at night, and my washing gets hung out on the line at 9pm and taken off the line the following night at that time, except for the nappies because i'd run out of those, they go in the dryer. She cries for the poor babysitter, but i can't hear her smile
I just try to do as much as possible with one hand, and anything that can wait until she's in bed at night has to wait.

mother to Hannah born August 9 2003

hi tracey,
i have tried sending a reply twice to you but can't ssem to get it thru. i bought my back pace second hand quit e cheap. if you want to email me my address is [email protected]

michelle, auckland

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