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Lying to my mum about immunisations Lock Rss

I feel so awful but my mum has been at me, daily since my DS was born 6 months ago about not having all of his immunisations because of the side effects. My DH and I have discussed this and we decided to get my DS all of the immunisations as the disease is worse than the side effects. I have lied to my mum though saying we only go the polio and whooping cough ones because otherwise she will go balistic. Is this really bad? Has anyone else had this problem? I hate lying to my mum


Julie, SA, mum to Thomas born 21/11/05

Hi Julie,

Hmmm, hard one hey! My mum was the same as yours and had all these theories about autism and other adverse effects of immunisation. And of course I was scared to death about all that but I agree with you that the disease can be much much worse.
I find my mum can be extremly protective of DS being first grandchild and all, but there comes a time where we have to tell them that we are the parents and we are doing the very best for our babies and they need to Relaaaaax and back off a bit.

The added stress of that pressure is not fair on you and I think you should let her know that your feeling it smile We cant please everyone hey !

wow thats tricky isnt it

you most certainly shouldnt have to feel bad about making sure your baby is safe
mabey out it to her in those words"its safer to be immunised than to be exremely sick"


Lillie....1 year old!!!

Hi Julie,
It's such a contentious issue. I had a really hard time deciding to immunise as my cousin was one of the babies that had a "rare"reaction to the whooping cough vaccine. I saw him turn from a beautiful healthy baby to the brain damaged young man he is today. And it is extreme brain damage. I had grown up knowing how this had happened and knew it would be a hard decision to make.

However, after many discussions with various health professionals we decided to immunise. The vaccine has been improved in the last 9 years and the high fevers associated with it are not as common, and the risk of baby getting whooping cough are much greater than an adverse reaction. I just observed my baby closely for a fever after the shot and gave panadol as soon as she felt too hot.

Perhaps get lots of info like I did and sit your mum down and explain to her how it is now different than when she had babies. I know my parents didn't give me the rest of the whooping cough jabs after hearing all the hype on the news about the adverse reactions. I hope this helps. Good luck!

Gorgeous Audrey b.March 2006

Hi this is a very tough issue. My DH and i decided not to hav our children 5 and 5mths immunised as we belive the reactions caused by these vaccines to be far more deadly than the disease itself, also the fillers and ingredients used are horrific.Formaldahyde, mercury and aluminium just to name a few. Our decision made even more clear when we went to our GP 2 wks after the birth of our eldest to sign a con objection.We asked her if she could list some ingredients and to our horror she could not name one. In fact she looked horrified when we told her what they were then rushed us out like she didn.t want to know. I know that there are plenty of mothers, health care prof and alike that would label us as irrasponsble but at the end of the day it is not a decision to be made lightly.We devote our lives to keeping our children healthy and therefore building there immune systems to be as strong as they can be NATURALLY. We spent months researching both options and belive we made the right one. I think parents should hav a choice without being judged.


My gosh i so know where you are coming from

1/2 hour after my DS was born they were going to give him the Hep shot... my mum and i had a huge fight infront of everyone because she didnt want him to have it. it was so so embaressing!!! he didnt end up having it.

now i dont even tell my mum if he has to have his shots. she doesnt ask and i dont tell.

i havent had ANY vaciantions myself... i never got any of the diseases - i havent even had chicken pox. im petrified of needles now so i wish my mum did get me immunised so i wouldnt have to have needles now!

Harley's Mum - April 2006

I was seriously considering not to immunise but unless you can stay at home and home school you have to as they don't let you in daycare and I believe most schools. Not to mention any financial support from the govt. It is rigged so you really don't have a choice plus you get a bonus when they have had all of them. Maybe telling your mum this might help.


I dont have that problem at all with my mum about immunisations and plus its you and your hubby decision if your son should have them not your mums and plus its to stop him from really getting sick or even die from it and my daughter had whooping cough when she was 9 months old and it was bad and I am glad that I got all her immunisations for her and she could of been bad than she was and maybe explain to your mum about what the immunisations do the children and how they pretect against disease and what could happen if they dont have it and is there a reason WHY your mum doesnt want her grandson to have immunisations?

Tracey,Jaye (girl)12/06/05, Sam (boy)10/07/09

Hi Julie,

Dont feel bad, you are the mum, and trust me you do not want your baby getting one of those diseases. My daughter got whooping cough before she was immunised 4 it and she nearly died, and that was way worse than the small side effects the needles give.
You did the right thing!

Coby - 27th May 2006

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