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scratching baby Rss


sounds stupid, but how do you teach a 6 month old baby not to scratch herself????

so far the mittens have been good, but she is now getting very cheeky and has learnt how to pull her mittens off. it is a continuous battle keeping the mittens on.

she has ezcema so we have to be very careful if she does scratch and bleeds she can get a secondary infection from the ezcema. this has happened twice and has been on antibiotics.

we keep her well moisturised, so i dont think she is really really itchy, i think it is now a really bad habit. her nails are always short..

does anyone have any suggestions? any ideas would be appreciated.

thanks, annette

Nicki''s Mum, NSW


I don't have any advice just some examples of what we do - bennett has really bad ezcema too but he only seems to scratch on his tummy/chest where it doesn't seem to be much ezcema so i tend to keep it covered so he scratches but isn't actually touching his skin.... don't know what I'll do in summer though!!! I have found that (as much as it stinks) that pinetarsol stuff in the bath is fantastic and he doesn't want/need/try to scratch after that....

Good luck


Steph VIC Mummy to one gorgeous boy

Hi, regarding the ezcema son also has it...and was itchy from I use calendula wound ointment ... brought from the health food shop and not only has the scratching stopped but his ezcema is pretty much all gone... maybe try the cream... you can also use it for wounds, cut/scratches and nappy rash....clears up things in about 2-3 days.
Just what I do..hope it helps.
p.s. Calendula ointment is only about $8 and last for about 3 months +

Mum to Jai and Chase!

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