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advice needed! Lock Rss

I know young mothers in my town who i talk to occasionally. I have noticed certain things they do that i disagree with and i am concerned for the babies health yet i feel its not my place because im a young mum myself and because the two girls are friends they think what they are doing is okbecause the other does it.
One day in town i was changing my baby in the mothers room and they walked in and filled their bottles with warm TAP water then propped the bottles up in the babies mouth with a blanket in the PRAM and continued shopping around town.
I am terrified that the babies will choke while the bottle is propped up while unsupervised. i spoke to the midwife and she said to tell docs if i was that concerned.
What should i do? Should i speak up to the girls or
tell docs??? Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
I thought that if you reported it to your CHN that they have an obligation to contact Child Services.
I'm not 100% sure how serious DOCS would consider using warm tap water is and propping the bottle up with a blanket. What other things have you seen them do? I think approaching them would be a mistake in that I doubt any-thing would be achieved - other than some negative back lash for you. Generally, most people don't take to being spoken to about their parenting methods, especially when they aren't really doing the right thing(s). I totally understand how this could be grating against your morals and its fair enough to consider contacting DOCS. If I were you, I would do a little reasearch into DOCS - maybe look through their web site or make an anonymous call to find out if they consider the things you have seen as questionable behaviour. I would also consider distancing yourself from socialising with those particular women. You really need to consider your own safety in this kind of situations, especially if things escalate and their children are removed from their care. I'm not saying don't dob them in, just do it in a manner which will, where possible, keep yourself out of the lime light as much as possible.

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i was shocked at the warm tap water bit?!?!

gosh thats really yuk

i think this is quite concerning and they shoukd be told

you would want to tell them in a way that they wouldnt feel angry or upset with you for trying to help


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