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Nappy Leaks Lock Rss

Hi, Ihave a problem with my bub not actually wetting thru the nappy rather up and out.
I dont know how it happens as its not from an overfilled nappy (i dont change her at night unless she is smelly but some mornings all her clothes up her side are wet, and also ih she poos sometimes that comes out the leak guards or up her back and on her clothes,i thought it would stop once her poo thickened but it makes no difference,everytime shes trying to poo during the day when shes up i have to make sure shes not sitting or it goes up her back then to.I tried the next size up in nappies but it was actually worse even though her weight matches the nappy size it was worse, i went back to the smaller nappies and its not as bad, im going to try the bebes nappy mate things but as its not really a wetting through i dont think it will help.It doesnt matter how high or low and tight or loose(ive tried everything) it keeps happening.
If anyone has any suggestions id love to hear them as now its cold in the morning when i have to change all her clothes first thing she screams like a banshee.

Amanda,Perth,nearly 10 Month baby Girl

Maybe try a different brand of nappy???

Im not sure never heard of it.... how runny or thick are her poos????


the only thing i can suggest is to fold the top of the nappy over. just get the top little section and fold it in towards your baby's skin. it might just give a little more protection from things leaking up and over.

Tania. WA, Daniel - 26/01/06... smile

ok have u pulled the side gards out as much as they come?
if so have you tried a nappy liner


i gues you vould try a pad either side somehow folded over as it may help to absorb some of the urine????

hope any of this helps


Lillie....1 year old!!!

Just read your dilema about leaking through. My 9 month old son is having exactly same problems. I use huggies and have tried both the current and next size nappies with and without bebes, still with no luck. Tonight we have an enviro on but I'm not too hopeful. We only have the wee problem, not the poo, and sometimes it doesn't just happen once but THREE times a night. I too am at my wits end and don't know what to do. I don't feed him throught the night either. He has his last bottle either about 7.30pm or 10ish. Does anyone out there know an alternative????

Kylie, NSW 9mth baby boy

hello there.....

Thats what happens to my son owen..... every morning when he wakes up and i get him out of his cot he is drenched all up his sides and back and front......

ive changed his brand of nappies about 5 times and nothing seemed to work.... then i changed to home brand nappies and they worked but now he leaks again thru them..... its realli anoying me so much bt i have just put up withe it.....

what have you done?
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