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Toothpaste Lock Rss

My 8 month old has 4 teeth up top and two down the bottom and I was wondering when you supose to start using toothpaste. He had to have brown suger in his bottle when he was an infant because he was constipated all the time so I am worried he will have bad teeth.

Sam Qld,

I dont think you use toothpaste for a while... I was under the impression that you just brush their teeth with a toothbrush (wet with just water) when they got to about that age..

And before that you just 'brushed' their gums with a wet flannel. Well thats what I have been doing anyway smile


Colgate make a baby toothpaste called "milkteeth" but i think it is for 1-5 year olds i use it for both my children & they love it.
I think it is advised to just use plain water untill about 12 months tho
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