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Routine for a 6+m baby Lock Rss

Everybodys is different and would love to hear how your day is!

KL,NSW,son born 22/3/04

My little man wakes me up laughing at around 5:30am, he then comes into bed with me and falls asleep until about 7am. We then get up he plays for about 15 minutes, he then has a bottle. Plays for another 1/2 hour to an hour and has a sleep for about 1 hour. He has a cereal bottle (formula with banana custard shaken-in powdered type ofcourse). Then around an hour later he has a big jar of strawberry and rice yoghurt and a bottle. Then another sleep for around another hour or two. He wakes and plays for an hour or so, then has a bath followed by dinner which is generally around 5:30-6pm. and finally his last bottle for the night at around 7pm.
Then it starts all over again the next day. People say that my day to too hectic and i should try and vary it but we are happy with it so i'm sticking to it.

Aleks, SA, 5yr old girl, 9yr old boy&bubs 10.4.04

Hello. I try to keep to a routine as I have 6 month old twin boys and our life is pretty hectic. So, our routine at the moment is:
7am - wake, breastfeed followed by weetbix and fruit, play
8:30am - sleep for 1 - 2 hours
10:00am - wake, play, breastfeed at about 10:30
11:00am - sleep
12:30pm - Lunch, Hopefully vegetables then fruit or yoghurt
2:30pm - Sleep
4:00pm - Breastfeed, play
5:00pm - Dinner, vegetables and fruit, play.
6:00pm - bath, followed by a breastfeed.
7:00pm - bed
10:00pm - rollover feed
around 4:30am they are still waking for a feed, unfortunately.

Hope this helps you. Mind you, our routine can change everyday, but we try to stick to it as much as possible.

Karen, SA, 6mth twin boys

at that age my sons would wake about 7 am then have a bottle followed by brekky. about 10 another bottle a 2 hour sleep followed by lunch. play till 3 then bottle then another sleep about 2 hours again. then play till dinner time, early dinner, bath. bottle teeth cleaning. bed

mum of 3 boys aged 11, 13 and 14

this is emily's routine, not every day but most
7:00-7:30 wake up and have bottle
8:30 bath then sleep for 1-2 hours
10:30 play
11:00 soilds-11:30 bottle
11:30-1:00 play
1:00 Sleep for 1-2hours
2:00 play
3:00- 3:30 bottle
4:30-5:00ish 40 mincat nap to last her through to last feed
5:30ish wake and solids and play
7:00 feed bottle
7:30-8:00 story and bedtime

Karli QLD

Not sure if I would call it a routine because some days I just go with the flow! But generally:

7am - Wake up, cuddles bottle, sleep
8am - Wake up, bath, breakfast (weetbix and banana), play, watch mummy dance silly like the Wiggles!
10am -sleep for about 1 hour hopefully
11am - Lunch, fruit and yoghurt
11:30am - bottle, sleep for about 2-3 hours.
2pm or so - Wake up, play have some juice or water and a fruit gel if hungry.
5:30pm - Dinner, Vegies, fruit. Spend some time with Dad.
6ish - bath, bottle and bedtime (kisses cuddles and story)
I am so lucky, Brooke sleeps right through...

Jade, single mum to Brooke Louise, 20/05/04


Just another routine to add to your list already. I use this for my 5 month old.

7.00 am: Wake your baby, change nappy and feed even if the last feed was at 5.30am. This way your baby is starting his day on a full tummy.
8.00am: Feed your baby solids.
9.00 am: Put baby down on his back in his cot while still awake.
12.00pm: Feed your baby solids
11.00 am: If not already awake and up, wake baby, check nappy and feed.
1.00pm: Put baby down on his back in his cot while still awake.
3.00 pm: If not already awake and up, wake baby, check nappy and feed.
4.30 pm: Go for a walk or out in the car to encourage your baby to sleep in other places other than his bed.
5.15pm: Do not let your baby sleep past 5.15pm.
5.20pm: Feed your baby solids.
6.00 pm: Bath baby, or give top to toe wash.
6.20 pm: Feed baby.
7.00 pm: Put baby down on his back in his cot while still awake.
10.30 pm: Dream feed


Anita, Qld, mum Isabella 4 & Elijah 7 months

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