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Pls help- Need idea's for 1st Bday party games! Lock Rss

Hi everyone,
Does anyone have any idea's for games to play for a 1st bday Party? Most of the children that will be there are under 4 years. The only appropriate one I can think of is "Pass the parcle" Any idea's will be most helpful
Thanks smile
Trying to think back to the days wen i had bday parties (its really stretching my memory trust me!!!)
Not sure how much hep ill b but ill give it a go

Musical Chairs (or pillows if u havent got much space)

Drop the Hankerchief (dont know if its an actual game or if my mum made it up but there is a song that goes with it too)

Thats all i can think of for now ill let u know if any more come to mind

Baby Kaleb 1 years old

There is pin the tail on the donkey, though you could use blu tack instead of the pin, a treasure hunt hiding whatever you want to and then the one with the most things you've hidden gets the prize (if you are concerned about hiding food), Statues - where you the adult moves/dances to the music and the children follow, then when you freeze they freeze also, the last one who freezes is out and so on until you have one winner.

hope this helps....
How about getting the bottles of bubbles, like the ones people are using at weddings these days, and letting the kids get outside with them. They seem to love chasing the bubbles around and it is a cheap game for them to play.


Karen, NSW, 1 baby girl

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