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baby monitors - opinions please Lock Rss

we have a bub on the way and we are wondering what baby monitors are the best, if any? Do we need one? and where is the best place to get them?
I bought an Angel Care one (form Target on special for $100 i htink). It comes with a monitor pad which detects movement so if your baby stops breathing it will alarm. I never used the pad. I also found that even with it turned right down (while still being able to hear) I could hear every little snuffle and I was waking up all the time. After a few months I dispenced with it alltogether as I could always hear he cry. I left both her door and ours open slightly though. That being said our rooms are only about 3-4 metres apart and he cot is right on the oposite side of one of our walls so it's not hard to hear her anyway.
I guess it all depends on how heavy a sleeper you are (most Mums become quite light sleepers but a few remain very heavy ones) and how far away the baby is and ultimately what makes you few comfortable (ie. there a many out there who can't comprehend having their newborn sleep in another room anyway). So, go with your gut. smile .
We also bought an Angel Care monitor (from Mums and Bubs - but available lots of places - I think we paid about $179) with the sensor pads - we used the sensors under the bassinette until moving to the cot. We found it fantastic - and you don't have to use the actual monitor all the time if the thought of hearing every little noise bothers you, but if bub stops breathing for any length of time an alarm goes off which you will hear regardless. We found it really reassuring!
We still use the monitor part of it (without sensors - we have bubs mattress tilted so they don't work) as our bub suffers from reflux and with back sleeping I always worry about choking in the night. and like to hear what's going on! I'm probably just a super-paranoid Mum tho.... ;o)
I have other friends with the same monitor and they also swear by it.
Good luck!

Robyn - DS 14/01/2006 DD 5/7/2007- NSW

Hi Lesky, we have a baby monitor it is a Tomy walkabout. Ours is the middle of the range 'advance' model. I think they are about $100. We don't use it all the time but I have found it frees me up to do things around the garden when bubs is asleep. You will find they do pick up just about every noise bubba makes so if you're a light sleeper you may decide you don't need to use it alot (it's amazing how noisy sleeping babies can be!). Though it is cute when you hear a little sigh or something over the monitor. I know Tomy have really flash digital ones with room temp and all extra bits. I am glad we have one even though we don't always use it. All baby shops would stock them but target etc is probably cheaper.

Charlie girl 15/01/06 & Dean the Machine 22/08/09

Hi there,

A baby monitor is a great idea, it allows you to go outside and get some fresh air whilst bub is sleeping! Also if you have visiters you can have bubs door closed so they don't wake up and you can still hear them.

We brought a Tomme Tipee monitor for our bubby, it is the one with the bear shaped night light. We hated it! Cost $90 from Kmart and it had loud static whilst on all the time even if you changed channels, you couldn't sleep! Don't buy this brand, my best mate has the same one and has the same problem!

We now have a Fisher Price, Private Conections Monitor, it is $130 from Kmart and picks up every little noise that the baby makes, it has rechargeable batteries and everything! I Love it!

Beautiful boy born 11 Jan 2006

We were given a fisher price baby monitor as a gift before bubs was born. I was wrapped because they were priced around $100 and I really wanted one, however we have never used it. DS slept in our room for the first 7 months and has just moved into his own room. I found they pick up every noise and are very staticky, would probably keep you up all night anyway.

Hi Lesky,

Our baby monitor is ChildCare brand (from Target) around $90.LIke Natalie, our baby slept in our room for the first 8 months, though we used ours when our baby was put to bed early in the evening and we stayed up due to the layout of the house, the living room being a bit away from the lounge room. Now that we are in a different house (a 3 level townhouse) the levels don't really make a differnce as the noise travels up the stairs. The funny thing about the baby monitor is that there is no noise from the baby when you have it on, it is when you turn if off your baby starts to fuss and wake!!

Hi just wanted to say that we had the bad static with the first we brought cant remeber the name but it had a bear light and found out in some home you get this due to the silver paper that the builder puts behind the bricks. So we brought a digital one steelcraft and it the greatest most baby shop and myers have it we pay about $100 on special about 12 months ago.

DS 13months

i have an angel care monitor and i love it and still use it even though my bub is 7 months.
i have not used the sound part for a while as i could here my bub, but i still use the movement detector but have it on silent so that if breathing stops it will still alarm and i will here it.
My bub was 2 months premmie and this monitor gave us peace of mind that he was ok and i guess thats why i still use it as its no hassle to turn on.
All the best for your new arrival

Kylie NSW, Kade 17 months


When I first found out I was pregnant we bought a fancy baby monitor for $120 and were wrapped with the purchase. Needless to say it didn't stand the test of time and when I say time I mean like 4 months and it no longer worked. I had no docket for it and wasn't even sure where I got it from in my pre babys arrival shopping days. I then bought a Fisher Price monitor set for $50 and have never looked back. More expensive doesn't always mean better. Our new monitors work great and as our daughters bedroom is some distance from ours we have peace of mind knowing that we can hear her just fine.

Hope this helps.


Karen, NSW, 1 baby girl

Hi Lesky
I can tell you the one not to buy. The Target brand video monitor. He cost us about $200 but it was the worst thing I could ever have bought. I thought a video monitor would be fantastic, being able to see him all the time but instead it kept me up all night because I kept wanting to look at the video screen. All the advice I can give you is to buy the simplist one on the market, without any temperature detectors etc as they make you more paranoid. I can hear my 7mth old DS fine without a monitor at all but have one with no video just in case. Good luck but that is my advice!

Julie, SA, mum to Thomas born 21/11/05

I have read all the advice other moms have given u , just want to add that we were also not very sure about the need of baby DH got one from ebay i think for 23 $ with few other things and worked really good for 12 months and then we bought another one from e bay for our 2 nd daughter for 20$ and its also working perfectly.(its been 6 months..).. its baby com brand ..though none of my girls ever slept alone at night but we use it when they r having sleep during the day and we r working in the kithchen or in the lounge. so you can think of trying something like this....rather than spending 100$ when you r not vrey sure of its need.
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