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I took my little one to visit her aun t and uncle and new cousin yesterday abnd while i was holding new bubby tanna decided to go for a wonder into the kitchen. She was cruising aorund the cupboards talking away and then went silent. My sisiter went to see what she was up to and alas........... she was eating a nice bowl of meaty PAL dog food!!!! My sister was like omg i cant believe i forgot to put it away. She had it all over her mouth hands and pants it was hilarious(not that i condone them eating dog food)!!!!! Once we had her cleaned up and gave her a dirnk and bikkie she later burped in my face and it was like full on dog breath!!!!!! So gross but soo funny. Any one else had this kinda thing happen My niece is called mouse due to the fact she found a dead mouse behindthe cupboard and came out sucking on it!!! it must run in the family!!!
HAHAHHAHA! ooooh **** thats so funny lol.gross, yes but very funny.
my bubs loves my thongs and DP dirty workboots, i only have to turn my back for 2 seconds and she commando crawling looking for a thong



Lillie....1 year old!!!

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