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im over changing nappies.. Lock Rss

arghh so frustrated is it really that hard 4 bub to lay still 4 a whole 2mins so i can put a nappy on.

mil keeps saying this phase will pass.pass my a**se its been goin on ever since he could roll.

15mins to change a nappy im over it.
ive tried everything.
I know what u mean. The worst though is when the nappy is dirty and bub wont stay still! I've had to stop using the change table as Imogen automatcally stands up as soon as I lie her down!

Imogens Mumma

Hi, I'm not up to this stage - my boy just doesn't see the point in unnecessary movement... wink

Anyway, I have a friend whose changetable mat has a strap on it. When I first saw it I didn't see why you'd need to strap in your kid at home, but maybe this is why!!!
Hi jacksons mummy,

I have the some trouble as you. I now change him on the floor because Ds flips over so quick that I worry he will full to the floor. My DH help when he's home. Holds him down and plays with him. I've tried everything when I'm on my own toys, playing with him, kissing. He is worst when its a pooie one. I just hope he will grow out of it soon.

My parents just got back from china and they almost brought the crutchless pants to give me as a joke but the joke would have been on them. I would have put DS in them when they went to baby sit. Hehe.


DS 13months

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