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travelling by plane Lock Rss

Hi, in a few weeks we are heading down to the inlaws for 4 days....we are going by plane and bubs will be 9 1/2 mnths by then.

What is the best solution to air travel with a baby. Jai is really active and apparently the trip takes 1 1/2 hours...I don't want to have too many dramas in that little time, nor upset the other pasangers with a loud/crying baby.

Any suggestions would be good, also on how to get bubs to sleep at the inlaws place without too much trouble...

Cheers Em

Mum to Jai and Chase!

Hi Em,
My little one is 5 1/2 months and we are travelling from Syd to Bris in a couple of weeks by plane.

I have been given a lot of advice but the main one is to try and feed or use a dummy on take off or landing.

I booked a 11am flight, right on feed time to try this out. I thought about the other passengers with a crying baby and too bad I say. It's only for 1 1/2 hours. Surely they will understand.
Apparently the airline's put all the bubs/mums at the back in a group.

I was so scared at first about flying especially on my own with Luke but who know's I might be worrying for no reason. He might sleep the whole way....

As for the sleeping, I'm open to suggestions too. My dad borrowed a porta cot for Luke to sleep in. Not sure how he'll go in this because at home that's his play time. It'll be interesting I'll say that much.

Good luck.

Hi Em

My son and I are becoming frequent travellers as his first trip was at 6 weeks, he is now 6 months and has been on about 9 planes so far.

I was told to feed him as soon as I got on the plane and this worked a treat, he fell asleep for take off and I just had his dummy ready and juice or water for the way down, this has made flying wonderful for me and him.

I do get a little more concered these days when we fly as he is a lot more active but I still found on the last plane we went on which was only a few weeks ago from Coolangatta he was fine and I had, toys, books and food on hand to keep him occupied

I also find it much easier to take on 2 bags with my sons things 1 with his food, nappies etc.... and the other toys.

He may get a little restless just from bordem, but hey I find myself doing the same.

I found it rather scarey the first time I flew as I didnt know how he was going to go, but doing so I was expecting the worst and it turned out fine.

Organisation is the key, make sure you have everything out and ready before take off.

You will have your partner there to help you out if things get to much, but im sure you will be fine.

I hope this helps and good luck with the trip, will keep my finger crossed for you.

Enjoy your trip.

Bronwyn, NSW, 8/05/04 baby boy

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