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problem jogger pram Lock Rss

I bought a good brand jogger pram.Around the shops its great,but if I go for a walk it pulls towards the gutter.Its like one of those annoying shopping trolleys.It wont go straight it always pulls to the side,my wrists hurt from pulling it to the centre all the time.Is it just my pram or are all 3 wheelers like this?
When you are on bumpy ground you should make sure the front wheel is locked into place. That is the only thing I have found with my pram.

Cymantha, NSW, DD 20/12/2003

I do lock the front wheel when we are outside and we only walk on the side of the road or the foot path.But it seams to pull to the side still,if you were to push and let go it goes straight towards the gutter.I think it might be my pram thats the problem,when we took off the front wheel to pump it up we couldn't get one side to click in properly.Thanks for replying though,I just wanted to see if all 3 wheelers were hard to control.
I would take it back to the shop, the very reason for having a three wheeler is to have mobility! Mine is great!! It's a Babylove brand. I wouldn't change for the world!! Good luck with your one.
Take care and safe travelling!!

Kylie and son Scott - 9/9/04, Southland, NZ


I don't actually have a 3 wheeler but I was wondering if your pram has the big blow up wheels?

I have a 4 wheeler with these wheels and it tends to pull to the gutter all the time too.

I have another pram with the normal small plastic type wheels and it doesn't seem to do this.

Mum to (Olivia 3 Feb 2004) & (Emily 26 Jan 2006)

Thanks for the feedback,gave me the courage to do something.I spoke to the company that made the pram and they gave me a credit at the store where I bought it,so I hope I have more luck this time.Yes mine were the big blow up wheels,so I will avoid them, as well as 3 wheelers.
Ended up getting a steelcraft reclining stroller.It has the small plastic wheels,lots of padding and folds down easily.Took it for a test run and I love it.Thanks for all your comments they really helped.
That's great that the company gave you a credit!

I also got myself a steelcraft reclining pram/stroller just after my baby was born because the big wheeler was annoying me. Now I have both of them. The big wheeler is good for going to parks and on rough ground and the small wheel steelcraft is handy for everyday stuff.


Mum to (Olivia 3 Feb 2004) & (Emily 26 Jan 2006)

We haad problems initially with our three wheeler and took it to be repaired. It was pulling to one side. We found that my husband had over tightened the front wheel when he assembled it. Once it was loosened ,we had no probs. I am hoping they checked that out for you before you changed prams.

Amanda,VIC,mum to Emily 4 & Alyssa 20months

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