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siblings in the same room? Lock Rss

we are lacking room at our current house and considering moving our 1 year old into his sisters room (she is 3). has anyone that has done this before found it to be a hinderance or a blessing in their own relationship with each other? we really need the extra bedroom but don't want it to affect the way they feel about each other! let me know what you think. smile

sa, girl 3 & boy 1

I'd love some advice on this topic too. My son (3) has his own room and my daughter (17 months) has a makeshift room (cot and chest of drawers and all) in our large walk in wardrobe (I know its strange, but you do what you have to do). My son is very territorial about his room and their nighttime routines are VERY different so them sharing has not really been an option. I need help on this one, and I need my wardrobe back!

DD in QLD, Boy 5, Girl 3

I need my computer room back after having my second child so when he was about 8 months old we put him in with his brother and they have shared room since when they wake up they play and have a fight every now and then but thats normal in all siblings now my computer has come back in to my bedroom as i have a 6 week old now and he has his room. So why not try it and see if it work. There is no harm in trying to have them in the same room.
I have my Boy (7months) and my step daughter (8yrs) sharing a room, before my boy was born my step daughter could not sleep in a room by herself.Now it is very rare that she jumps in bed with us with a nightmare etc.It seems to be more of a comfort to have our Boy in there than a hinderance and they also have very different night routines.At first I was worried the baby would wake her up but now she says that she rarely hears him cry though the night and he is still up and down 2-3 times per night, so I don't think it would hurt for them to share, they may find it comforting!
Hi Melie. my name is sue I have 3 kids under 5 years old. Matthew 4, Sarah 3 next month September 2003 & Jessica 10 months. I live in NSW Sth Penrith area. I would love to be your e-mail pal.

My e-mail address is [email protected]
Hope to hear from you soon.

sue. nsw

Sue, NSW, 3 Kids

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