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Flying Lock Rss


I have a 3mth old baby and we are planing on flying interstate for christmas. I was hoping to hear from anyone that has been on a trip with there baby and how your little one behaved. Bab is full of energy and am not sure how she will be sitting on a plane for 5-6 hours.


Tahlia 3mth Old

When my little girl Ella was 3.5 months we flew from perth to sydney for a few weeks. I was really worried how she'd go too but she did pretty well. I made sure she was sucking on a bottle as we took off and as we landed because its supposed to help with their little ears. She cried a bit but i think that was because of the noise more than anything, also its a long time to have to be nursed and not be able to kick around on the floor. But all in all i think i was more stressed about the whole ordeal than she was!

Hope it all goes well.

Belinda, WA, lovely baby girl

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