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Polar fleece liners Rss

I've heard a lot about using polar fleece as a liner but have had no luck making my own I got some anti pill polar fleece 100% polyester. The water beads on top and seems to take awhile to soak through...can only imagine that once in place and with bubs weight it will just leak right out.
I've read about stripping the fleece but I've washed under hot water about three or four times seems to have improved a bit but the water is still beading in places and I don't think it's soaking in quick enough.

What am I doing wrong? I have four weeks till bub is here and I'm frustrated as I want to use cloth part time and feel I won't get there if I can't get these liners to work.

Any suggestions..maybe some other fabrics work just as well without the beading problem?

Christina, 29, VIC, Jacob 18/9/06. Alannah 2/4/08

Hey there
I use cl0th full time, i also always use fleece liners, with the pressure from bubs the wee soaks straight through the liner keeping bubs relativly dry, so dont worry about it!!! Also ive found that of all the diffrent types of polar fleece around the best by far is microfleece, tends to stay much softer!
also when using cloth use at least half the amount of detergent then recomended, do you know about dry pailing? keeps the nappys free from residue which means they will be more absorbant!

Charlie 5, Imee 3, Laura 13mths, and ttc #4!

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