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1st birthdays Lock Rss

My daughter is going to have her first birthday soon and I know that it will be just another day to her but what are some nice foods I can give her that aren't too sweet etc. Any suugestions would be great!


Hi M, there are a couple of great recipes on this huggies site. The health pancake one my one year old just loves. Also on the Heinz for baby site there is a shortbread recipe that sounds really good but I am yet to try. The site is Have a great day and remember to have some fun yourself!
Hi, My little boy just turned one on the 10th of this month and i put a few balloons up around the room which he loved pointing out to all the relo's that came over and i made him a banana cake and let him have a little piece and made a few platters of fruit, salad and little triangle sandwhiches. He thought he was really gown up because he was eating what everyone else was. It didnt take long to do and it was healthy but most importantly i think he really enjoyed his 1st birthday. I hope this gives you a few ideas. Hollie, mum of Hayden smile
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