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WHY Catfood??? Lock Rss

Hi I have a 10 mnth old who loves catfood, why???
Iv had my cat for about eight years and have trained him not to jump up on the bench or table, which was great. Now how ever with the terorist crawling baby..... Iv tried to teach the cat to eat on the bench or table or even ontop of the washing machine, but no, there is no going back, he just sits below where the food is meowing.
As if life wasnt busy enough with the baby and general housework, now i have to lift the cat bowl up when the baby wakes and put it back down for the cat to eat when he insists.

But why cat food?? and does anyone have any suggestions on how to get her over the cat food eatng, if i say no she laughs if i move her hand she cracksup laughing and if i move her away she looks and me smiling and heads straight back to it.

NZ mum to 10 mnth old girl!!


I can't give any help but am in the same boat. The minute Hayden sees the cat's food bowl is down he crawls double time to get to it, I think hoping that he can beat us to it!! And also just laughs or turns right around and crawls straight back again if we move him even to the other side of the room!

So like you are putting up with the cat whinging for his food all the time and the child looking for it!!

I also went through it with my eldest, who did eventually come to understand that it is the pussy cat's food and not his but at 2 1/2 will still try to put all the cat bickies in the water bowl!!!!!!!!!

Good luck and let me know if you come up with anything.


Kerry Mum to 2 little DS ratbags

Hello ladies. I told my Mum about this post as I found it quite amusing (sorry) and she informed me that both my brother and I used to love GoCat and Goodo's when we were little. Apparently she would often find us at the cat or dog bowl helping ourselves. It hasn't seemed to harm us too much, although it might explain why I love cats so much!
Sorry, just thought I'd share and make light of the situation, I hope you don't mind!
my son is exactly the same too, and I find it so frustrating that I have to keep moving the bowl up and down, at least now I will think of you all, and laugh to myself, and feel so much better,
I do tell Liam every time that it is Eliot's food not his, even though he doesn't understand, or care, but eventually he will...,

I loved Kerry's comments about the double time crawl, my boy is exactly the same, and will return the cat bowl time and time again, if we did not move it away.



Liam Evan, 2

I had to laugh as this as I understand completely!! If only it were just the cat food that my 9mth old son likes!! He loves eating cat LITTER! YUK! Doesn't matter if its dirty either!! YUK YUK YUK tongue

Normally the cat food and litter would be in the laundry but due to renovations we are all in the one room. The cat food has been moved to the kitchen bench (our cats have no problems with getting up on benches!!). The cat litter is another matter though - can't really put that on the kitchen bench!! tongue (The cat food there was unhygenic enough for me!! )

We've had to make a barrier across the room with a chest of draws, the change table and a large trunk!! We have to just over to get out the back door or change the litter. Can't wait till the renovations are done and the cats have their own area again! smile

thought of you all today, and chuckled to myself as I put the cat food on the counter top, and closed the door to the laundry for the umpteenth time!...


Liam Evan, 2

I don't understand the attraction either. We have a 5year old Blue Point Birman who is an indoor cat. He is beautifully behaved and has always had his food and litter in the laundry. We even have a cat flap in the door from the hall into the laundry so he can get in anytime and we don't have to look at a more-often-than-not messy laundry.
It works really well because the boys can't get to his food, but it's also been a royal pain in the bum! Any time i want to do washing i have to make sure DS #1 is alseep or being occupied by his dad, because the second the door opens he makes a mad dash for the food! I found him the other day with a wiskers halfway to his mouth! Two hours later, he ate a dog biscuit and tried climbing into the kennel (It's big, we have a german shepherd, but covered in dog hairs)
I'm not too worried, a friend's son ate dog poo and it didn't hurt him, so a biscuit now and then until he knows better isn't going to hurt.

Dette, DS 06.03, DS 10.04, DD 03.06 & Due Sept 07!

Oh Im so glad to hear that this is almost 'normal'haha or should i say more common than i thought! Ad yes I just laugh it off, like this morning loading my daughter into the car she was chewing away, thinking she ate awhile ago i cleared out her mouth with my finger to find nice munched up cat bikies!!! YUM!!! I just hope they truley are as nutricious as the adds say! HAHA!!

NZ mum to 10 mnth old girl!!

Good luck

My three year old can still be found eating cat biscuits with our cats at their meal times. Here's hoping her little brother doesn't follow in her footsteps.

But then, I remember as a young child trying dog biscuits!

Rere, NZ, mum of three

I have an 8 year old ginger cat who has always eaten ontop of the deep freezer in the kitchen, it used to be so that the dog couldn't eat the cats food but now it's for the baby. My daughter is now 8 months old and can stand, she thinks it is hilarious to pull the cats tail as it hang's down the side of the freezer whilst he is eating, much to the poor cats disgust!! as for the kitty litter I found my daughter sitting in the kitty litter box the other day playing with the litter as if she was in a sand pitt, throwing the litter all over the laundry floor, thank god the litter was clean. I have now put a child gate in front of the laundry door but my daughter thinks it is great fun to pull on the gate and laugh. I bet she is thinking " just wait till I can get this gate down and then i'll show you what kitty litter is for". I'm sure we all ate something a little strange in our childhood and we all did fine so don't worry too much the phase will eventually where off.
Oh yes my 13 month old son loves cat food and kitty litter. No matter what he wouldn't stop eating the cat food never ate the kitty litter just found it fun to play with YUK!! In the end I had to get a child gate and put on the door took a while for the cats to work out how to jump over it. My cats seem to be a little dumb and dopey but they eventually worked it out. Now how to stop the cat stealing my sons food and stop my son from giving them his veges i'm stumped on.

mum to Jacob 22/3/04 Liam 5/2/05

My eldest son did the same when he was about the same age as your kids. At the time I rang the "whiskers" hotline and they said it can be consumed by humans (they said it had more vitamins then a bowl of cereal) and the worst they will get is bad breath! She even said that my son's hair may seem more shiney due to all the fish oils in the cat food!

They do grow out of it until they want to feed the cat and give it the entire box!

Jo, Sydney mama of 2 boys

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