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Taking Baby to WOrk Lock Rss

Was wondering if there were any mums out there who take their bub to work with them? We have our own business, so my little one comes to work with me. Would love to see how others cope!!! Gem is 7months.


Lisa, Qld, Mum to be

Hi Lisa

My sister in law used to take my niece to work with her. My brother and sister in law ran their own business as well, and it wasn't uncommon for my niece to go to business meetings with them. At first it raised eyebrows but their clients soon got used to it and now that my niece is at kindy, some of the clients miss seeing her at the meetings.

My sister in law found it fine until my niece started getting her independence and wanted to crawl/walk off everywhere, which would distract everyone. That's when my SIL had to make the choice of either she attend the meeting without my niece, or not go to the meeting.

I guess it really depends on your type of business and if it is practical for her to be there, without you having to check over your shoulder every few minutes when Gem starts getting really mobile.

Rere, NZ, mum of three

I take my baby to work with me (it's our own small business, and not much traffic through the door). I cope fine with it, because Alexis is a very placid baby, she's happy to sit under her playgym, or in her bouncinette & watch me, and the rest of the time it's feeding and sleeping (although she only does 30 min naps!!!). So I need to spend the time she's awake working, not just during her naps. So my problem is then that I feel I'm neglecting her. No window to look out of, the same 4 walls all the time, the same 3 people all the time. And the same playgym all the time. I'm yet to ask the child health nurse if this is too little stimulation or if this is still ok at her age (she's 3 1/2 months old). Does anyone have any ideas on what to do? And whether I should be worrying about it? It's kind of limited because she's not moving yet. I know it will be easier when she's a little older and she can read, draw, play with toys.
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