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what age can baby use cry to manipulate you? Lock Rss

Hi, I have a 6.5 months old son and I have an argument with some relatives and families about how to be tough with my son. They said that babies can use cry to manipulate you. My child health nurse said that you can't use control crying technique to babies under 6 months old. Well sometimes he cries because he was frustrated, he can't sit up prooperly yet. My husband then wanted me not to pick him up frequently, he wanted him to play himself, in his cot or rug, etc. He mainly cried when he was overtired and around late afternoon during his nap (witching hour) which I usually just gave him a rub or pat on his back or bottom and if it didn't work so I picked him up for about 5 - 10 minutes in case he got wind pain and put him back to sleep (works 95%). After a phone call from last night from his brother who said that we had to be tough with him, my husband changed his attitude and wanted to apply control crying.

My question is: at what age can we apply control crying to babies?

And at what age can they use their cry to manipulate us? Can they really manipulate us?
my DS is now 8 months and although he doesnt cry, he certainly makes certain noises that he knows gets a reaction! if we laugh at him he continually repeats the noise, or brings it up the next day. i used my version of controlled crying when my DS was quite young (but i would only leave him 2 mins rather than increasing to 15mins or whatever they recommend). i did this because my DS wasnt coping with the short catnaps he was getting. by teaching him to sleep he became a very happy and content boy. i think you know your baby best, and 6.5 months is still very young to be considered to be manipulative. go with your instinct. if you want to do controlled crying look into exactly how to do it and stick with it. if you are happy with things the way they are then stick to that! it is your baby! there are always "well intentioned" (though sometimes i wonder!) people who will try to tell you how to raise YOUR baby! i dont think they really get manipulative to 12 months onwards, when all the tantrums start!
good luck!

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