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anti-depressants and breastfeeding Lock Rss

Hi, i'm new to this site and curious to see if there are any other mums out there who are breast feeding or have breast fed while on an anti depressant?
I have breast fed my daughter for 8 months now while taking 50mg of Zoloft, it was a difficult decision to make but i was advised that the benefits of breast feeding far outweigh the risks of this medication?
I am intending to continue breast feeding until my daughter is 1 and am nervous about weaning her off the breast milk, I can't seem to find any information about possible side effects or complications. Has anyone been there, done that and experienced any problems? Thanks
Hi Rosalie

I started taking anti depressants when my second son was 6months old and i was breastfeeding him at the time-he weaned himself around 12 months with no noticable side affects or problems. i am now breast feeding my third child and am also still on my 75mg a day of Efexor with no problems!

All the best

Kathryn - Zack-4, Toby-2 & Molly 1

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