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Wanting to study Lock Rss

I am 19 and have a 4 month old baby girl. i am enrolled to do a cert 3 in aged care part time. i cant get a babysitter, i dont know about putting her in to day care for a the time it's only about 10 hours a week but she doesnt like being left alone, an im worried that if she get up set they wont know what to do. can some one please help me



I think you should go and have a chat to your local daycare centre and see what they offer and just get to know them.

I was the same about leaving my little boy at day care but they were great...

I put Connor in daycare when he was 10 1/2 mnths and he had his ups and downs but we get there..

It is very scary at first leaving your precious one with someone else but you have to remember that they are professionals and have had a lot of training...

I have since pulled Connor out but not for any bad reasons we will be travelling so that is why..

You can call the day care as many times as you like to see how your bub is going and i am sure that if bubby does get too upset well thats when they ring you to come get them.

Maybe it might be an idea to check out your day cares around and take some morning tea and sit with the careers get to know them and let your little one play with the other bubs..

I know it is scary but you have to feel at ease in making that descision..

I hope that this helps you.. If you want you can email me!!!

Good luck in what you decide..



Tan,QLD,Connor 2, Mackayla 2wks old

There is a childcare access hotline in the yellow pages 1800 670 305 If you call they can let you know what childcare centres are in your area and which ones take children under 2.


thanks tanya
i think i might take bub down to the center and just see how she goes and see how the carers are with the other children


Hi There

Have you checked out Family Daycare my little girl goes to one and loves it and the carerr only has 3 other children. It is a real family enviroment and she loves it.

Good luck


Annette WA mummy to Keisha 080304 & Thehan 200307

HI Annette,

I agree with you too, my two boys (3yrs & 7 months) both go to Family daycare. The 3 yr old has always hated the big environments of childcare, but settled in really well at Family daycare b/c of the fact their were only 3 other kids, he is really good friends with one of the boys who is the same age. I feel so much better leaving the baby at family daycare too as I know the carer only has 4 kids not 10 or 12 to look out for!


Another added bonus is it is sooo much cheaper than childcare centres!

Hi Jestaa,

I am at uni at the moment and Jet childcare pays for most of the childcare fees. It is only for parents who are studying and it costs me $2 a day! I am only at uni for one and half days a week and have found that it is a really good way to spend alot of the first years of your childs life with them. (if i wasn't studying i would prob have to be working full time.) To register with Jet childcare you need to contact centrelink and they will give you the info.

Katy, Vic, 10mth baby Max

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