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glycerine on bub's dummy Lock Rss

hi all

Iwas just wondering what other mum's think about putting glycerine on bub's dummy and how many people do it.
Just wondering, why do you do this?

My babies are all grown up sad

Please dont. Babies shouldnt have anything on their dummies. If he/she doesnt want a dummy then accept that. Glycerine is just sugar and you are setting yourself up for disarster later on with tooth decay and so on.
My sister in law suggested i do this to help settle her down and it did help, however i have since heard that it can encourage a "sweet tooth". Didn't know about the tooth decay though.Thankyou.
Kylie, on the odd occassion that Marshall wont settle we put a few drops of Infacol on his dummy. It's the stuff that stops wind and you can give it to bubs before or after a feed, or even add it to the bottle. We don't need it much at all, but it sometimes gives him a reason to suck for the few seconds it takes to calm down.

Dette, DS 06.03, DS 10.04, DD 03.06 & Due Sept 07!

the cardiologist used glycerine on one of our bubs dummy when he had to scan her heart (she was only 8 weeks). Caitlin loved it (and that's an understatement). When I jokingly said that I would have to buy it in bulk he said that it can cause their teeth to come out with decay (even when they haven't got any as it does something to the gums). The dummy shouldn't have anything on it (eg honey, vegemite etc) however having said that our twins were on mylanta for reflux and I used to put some on the dummy when they wouldn't settle just as Dette wrote to give them a reason to suck.


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