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not going to a baby clinic Lock Rss

i was wonder i don't go to a baby clinic is there any other mother who don't go. and is 4 monthe to late to start going as everyone keeps at me to go. i don't see the point my daughter healthly i get her weighed at the chemist each week and if she is sick i take her to the doctor.

mel nsw

hi there,
my baby is 4months old as well and the only time i go to the baby health clinic is for the checks in the blue book. I have teagan weighed at the chemist (they have a clinic sister there) every fortnight. I also see a paediatrician every 8 weeks for teagan's reflux. I think its up 2 u whether u go to the clinic but i find the chemist just as good.
It is never too late to start going to the M+CHN because they are there for babies and children. When my baby was a newborn I went weekly, then moved to fortnightly. Now she is 12 months old I will only go every second month. It is entirely up to you if you want to go or not, or how often. I have found it useful for asking any questions that pop up. Having said this, when I first started going there were terrible queues (a baby boom in our country town) and I did consider stopping. Is there any reason why people are telling you to go?
Hi Mel

I went to our local clinic all the time when I had my first baby. He was really slow to gain weight so I was always worried. They also hold groups at different times where they give info about the developement of your baby at different stages. I found these really helpful first time round as I felt a bit lost. It was also great to meet other mums with babies the same age - a few of us still meet up at each other's houses regularly and it's 2 years on now. I've just had my second baby and have only had one visit to the clinic so far. I'm not going to the groups this time as I don't feel I need to. I've been weighing my daughter at the chemist and she is doing fine. I'll just take her to the clinic for the checkups in the blue book, or if I have any dramas with her sleeping or eating - I find the nurses really helpful in these situations - but so far everything is going well. It's never too late to go, but if you don't feel the need there's no reason to feel pressured just because other people think you should. I hope this has helped.

Take care
i only started going t a baby clinic when my daughter was around 4 months she is now 5 months so. even if ur baby is healthy and fine but there are some things that u might learn, i didnt want to go at first coz my girl u couldnt get a better baby but i have learnt a bit and enjoy it and gives u a chance to meet other women and see how there children are going and stuff like that, its worth a try.

Shelley, NSW, Breanna 19/11/04, Lachlan 5/01/07

not sure if the chemist checks all bubs other things

as the MCHN checks off all there developmental areas as well.

I would def reccomend you go


Steph VIC Mummy to one gorgeous boy

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