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Hats Lock Rss

My daughter absolutely hates a hat on her head. I've tried ones with the strap under the chin and ones that tie up but she pulls them off within seconds every time.

Does anyone have any suggestions as I don't really want her outside in summer without a hat??
I have the same trouble with my 7.5 month old son. We walk to school every day to talk my older kids, and he is constantly pulling his hat off. I have found lately, that if I keep something in his hands, he tends to forget about the hat. I have toys tied to the front of the pram and that seems to be working so far. Persistence work with my other two kids. As soon as they pulled their hats off, I put them straight back on, and told them no, don't pull your hat off!! Hope this has help you.

Mother of 3, Qld

thanks, I'll keep on trying
I have a 12 month old daughter that drives me mad pulling her hat off 1 second after I put it on. I try to distract her and I wear a hat too. I try to set a good example. If my daughter absolutley refuses, I tell her no more play outside until you wear your hat... but it is very hard to reason with some one so small. Goodluck and be patient I guess... Just know that you are not alone.
My son use to hate hats but now he has learnt that if he is going outside he needs a hat. As soon as he sees everyone else with a hat on - he knows we are going outside.

Rebecca, Qld - Bens 1 on Saturday!

thank you everyone
I'll keep trying
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