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Help!! My baby is scared of the bath Lock Rss

Wondering if anyone has any suggestions for me as my 12 month old is now terrified of the bath and this has only happened in the last week before this he loved his bath couldnt' wait to get in it.
For his 1st Birthday he was given some bath toys, well anyway the toys actually stick onto this suction type base that then sticks to your bath. While my son was in the bath on the weekend, my daughter pulled this suction section of the bath side and it made a noise well this really frightened my son and he screamed terribly and was trying to stand up and get out of the bath, so had to get him out and I got rid of the suction base but left the toys, next night he was still screaming so we put away the toys. 3rd night no toys but still he is terrified to even get in the bath and lift his legs up while I'm trying to put him in there so have to quickly get him washed and out of there as he continues to scream. Even tonight he is still screaming its not getting any better, I have tried all sorts to try and calm him but nothing seems to work. So if anyone has a sugguestion I would love to hear from you.

Hi Hayley,
Isn't it funny how the smallest thing can put them off something they once loved so much!! My son loved a bath then one night, refused to get in it - for what reason I do not know. Since then he has been having showers. I put a non slip bath mat on the bottom of the shower so he doesn't slip over and he has such a great time, he doesn't want to get out!
Good luck,

My babies are all grown up sad

Have you tried having a bath with him ?

Aidan's had showers with us ever since he was a month old... he's now 10 months old and baths scare him because he's used to showers. I've been introducing him to the bath gradually - about once a week we do a bubble bath together. Now he's fine and even enjoys it !
Hi Naomi and Eliza,
Thank you both for your advice,
We have actually taken Christopher in the shower with us and he does enjoy this but I still want him to have baths as well. We have also tried this week to go in the bath with him but this also didn't work he was still very scared.
Anyway last night I decided to introduce something new for him - a toothbrush as now he has some teeth through I thought it would be good for him to get use to the toothbrush, anyway he started of upset when I first put him in the bath but once I gave him the toothbrush this took his mind of the bath and he got really happy playing with this toothbrush! So hopefully this is start and now he might even get to like the bath time again. Actually when it was time for him to come out he really didn't want to so hopefully this will work again tonight! I'll let you's know how we go.

Could you let him watch while your daughter is in the bath? Put the suction thing back in and TRY to get it to make the noise again. If it does, laugh at it and make it silly. Anytime our boys are scared of something like this we do it over and over, laughing while giving cuddles, and asking if they can make it do the silly noise. Seems to work a treat.

Dette, DS 06.03, DS 10.04, DD 03.06 & Due Sept 07!

Keep trying. My son was older, but went through a stage where I couldn't get him to sit down in the bath for a month. (Scared of the drain hole). I tried everything.

Eventually I got him to bath with other kids (who sat between him and the drainhole) and now I can't get him out.

Sarah, Mum of 2 boys

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