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Sign Language with Babies & Children Lock Rss

HI Shell,
I am interested in teaching my 10 mnth old baby boy to use Auslan.
Do you know of any baby classes in the sydney area?
Hi Shell

I have boy-girl twins and I use sign language to augment their communication..... it came naturally to me as I'm a special ed teacher and I have some students I regularly sign to. Like you I believe that sign language can only augment communication in babies and young children, yet many other experienced teachers and therapists I know with young children disagree.

I'm interested in any literature and web sites you may have.


We are starting to use sign language with our daughter as my fiances mother is deaf.
So far (at 7 weeks) she has learnt "i love you" and will often say it to us! It is amazing to she her express her feelings at such a young age!
It must be frustrating for babies when they are trying to tell us something and we dont understand (pretty much the same when they are screaming and we dont know why!)

Mummy to Talana Michelle Kimberley (13/12/2003)

Hi smile

Sry I havn't been around for ages sad Had a busy time moving interstate to be with family & starting a new job & all!! Happy to say that all's well smile

Hi Kerry smile

It depends on wether you want to learn full AUSLAN, MAKATON (Using some AUSLAN signs incoperated into speech, mainly used with disabled who can talk a bit, may be a good idea if you only want to learn some main signs), or specific Baby Sign (Which I imagine works the same as MAKATON using key word signing).

I have heard of "Sign with your baby" teachers around Sydney & Melbourne. (Specific classes on signing with babies. Teaches true AUSLAN signs & encourages learning AUSLAN). Unfortunately I don't have any specific contact details at this time sad
If anyone else does... I would love to hear from you smile

For MAKATON classes you can contact "Hands Can Talk" or "MAKATON Australia"

& for full AUSLAN classes (Starts with AUSLAN 1/ An Introduction to AUSLAN) all you need to do is contact your local deaf society or/and TAFE.

& I havn't heard of any "Baby Sign" (using made up signs not AUSLAN) classes being held in Australia so far.

& there are a few books, video's, & web sites out there on signing with babies (though most of them are international & use the signs of the country it was made in sad). MAKATON has a fantastic video of ppl singing nursery rhymes & signing along!

All you really need to do to get started, Kerry, is get yourself an AUSLAN dictionary, pick out a sign or two (ie Milk, More, Eat) that you would use often with an infant & start signing each time you say that word. As you get along you will find you have to learn new signs to keep up with what your little one wants to know smile

Hi Sam smile

I've heard that sign works especially well with twins... I guess as they have each other to bounce off smile You are lucky already having a base of signing to some of your students!

I love hearing about preschools that use sign with their students! They say that they have much quieter & more cooperative classes & that would have to mean happier kids!

I can't believe the therapists & teachers that think that signing could inhibit the children. Being able to communicate in any means can only help a young mind to develop the necessary skills for full communication.

How much proof do they need of infants & children benefiting from signs before they will believe it? The one that really gets to me is this "Hear & Say" centre that bans any children or parents that sign by saying that the children wont learn to talk, even when there are numerous deaf people who learnt to sign well before they learnt to talk!

At least if i came accross any of these anti-signing professionals with my children I would change to someone else who advocates signing (wherever possible).

The main info or web sites I have are listed on my web page...

I'd love to have you add any more that you come accross smile

Hi Leanne smile

That is a perfect example of sign with babies. You will have so much fun as she learns more signs & can communicate with you at such a young age! Not to mention how much she will benefit from developing her communication skills early.

It's no wonder that babies & toddlers scream so much when they can understand so much around them & have no way to express their wants or needs, leaving us to try to guess for them sad

There are hundreds of stories on the discussion board at "Sign with your baby" if anyone is interested smile

Thx again for your input everyone...

Shell smile

Does anyone know of any classes that are in the Sydney area as i am looking to learn AUSLAN myself, although it is going to be difficult for me as my Fiance and his mum use a mixture of AUSLAN and American Sign as they lived in the US for a number of years. I ahve only picked up a few signs and am looking to learn more as i think it will be great for Talana to know!

Mummy to Talana Michelle Kimberley (13/12/2003)

Hi again Leanne smile

just to reitterate... if you want to find an AUSLAN class near you, you need to contact your nearest Deaf Society (ie Deaf Society of NSW) and/or your nearest TAFE College. In NSW the AUSLAN classes are run through TAFE colleges!

From the web site of The Deaf Society of NSW see:

& generally AUSLAN signers will know signs from other sign languages just the same as people will know various words from other languages without knowing the language properly & teaching her some ASL that your fiance & his mum use can only enrich her experience.

Shell smile

hi Shell

I am interested in the sign language for babies.

I have had experience caring for 2 childrn with hearing impairments.

Let me know if I can help out in any way


2 Under 1

Hi ZacsMum smile

Thx for your note. The best help you can be is just spreading the word on the value of using sign language with babies.

If I can think of nething more specific I'll be sure to send a note!

Thx again
Shell smile

Shell smile

I would love to learn baby sign language. My friend has a downes baby and she does sign with her. It is great!!!
Maybe I'll check it out with TAFE like someone suggested.
I live in Cairns if you know of anywhere that teaches.
Maybe I sould just ask my friend!!!! But she is SOOOO busy!
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Hi Toni smile

I read your post in the "Promote Your Business" section, it's really good... & a couple of positive replies already!

I'm in Perth, WA. I'm planning on signing with my babies when they come along. We sign with my 2yo neice who has Cerebral Palsy but she hasn't yet mastered signing much back... but she definitely shows us that she understands. & her baby sister is starting to pick up the signs (more, all gone, finish, & milk in particular so far).

If I had the oportunity to attend a specific baby signing class I would do it for sure! & I too have thought about learning to teach it to others (if I had time too, once I'm settled & have my babies signing). So far I've completed the Auslan 1 class so I have a basic knowledge of sign, I have 2 CD-Rom's (Signs of Australia & Discovering Auslan) to teach myself signs, & the Sign with your baby package (video, book, & chart...ASL) from

The main responses I've had is what's above in this forum. A few people wanting to know more or where they can learn to sign. I was talking to someone in Melbourne who teaches baby sign classes to parents... but that was 6 months ago & I've lost contact, sry. So there are definitely classes out there somewhere!

All the best! & please keep us updated on how you are going!

Shell smile


Is there any update on whether there are any baby signing classes in the Sydney area?? i remember seeing a story on this many years ago on a current affair type show and at the time thought it sounded terrific. Now I have an 8 month old I would be interested in taking things further. Any info greatly appreciated.


Gabriella, Chiara & angel called home

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