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Sign Language with Babies & Children Lock Rss

I am interested as i am deaf mother to my 6 and half mth old daughter who is hearing... wanting to teach my daughter basic signs so i know what she wants so can you give me dvd or something like that so i can get her and me watch same time... or other things like book i have been teaching her since 3 mths old but not yet, i have taught her mum, dad, drink, food, later on i caught her hand on her head so it could be mum or dad.. it so cute.... i know i got long way to go to get her to sign... any thing i can do as i live in mackay in qld... small town there is no babies signing classes but all teachers i know is expecting their 1st child.. so i would like to get someone from brisbane to come up to mackay to do baby signs workshop!!!!! get to my email addy is
Hi - I am interested in this and keen to teach my baby (now 7 wks of age) sign language - Auslan or variation thereof. Myself and my husband already can communicate in Auslan and have several deaf freinds. Alas most of them are in Adelaide.

I have just seend that this mail was posted last year!!


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