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does anyone know,will she like showers? Lock Rss

i want to shower my 3 month old daughter but dont know how. do i put her head under the water?and if i do can she drown,or will she close her eyes? or do i sit on the floor with her? i cant imagine babys liking the sprayback from the shower going in their eyes and on their faces. does anyone know what m meant to do????

mother of alexandra,born 22-3 05

Hi Leona,
We showered Gemma at about 10 weeks. To start with I used a cloth nappy for grip to hold her as I was afraid I would drop her. I sort of tucked it under her bottom while she rested on my chest. I just ducked her head quickly under, saying - 1,2,3, under we go! She spluttered a little, but it was for a brief second. She is now 11 months and knows that when I say that, she closes her eyes and shuts her mouth. She also puts her head under the spray herself. I hold her no worries now, and use a flannel to wash her face and body. I always used to wash her face before going into the shower until about 5 months when she was happy to go under the spray.
Try not to sit on the floor with her, as if you stand with her the water is a lot warmer coming out further up and you might misjudge the heat. Also very hard to stand from a sitting position with a wet squirming bub!
Good luck, give it a shot and see if you can get a photo of her first shower! They turn out gorgeous!

DD1 July 2004 DD2 August 2007 DS September 2009

Hey i have a four month old little boy, ever since he was about 2 months old we have been giving him showers, he normally goes in with his dad... He doesnt mind the water on his face but i noticed he still likes to be held close to his dads chest... When he eventually does go under the water my partner just holds him close to his chest and makes a game out of going under the water and then once they are done i normally get seth out and wrap him up but if i am on my own with him i stick with the baths just because i think it is easier than having to get a baby dryed and dressed while your still soaking wet yourself, but as you suggested maybe sit on the floor with your little girl... Tell me how it goes... Hope this helps...

Amanda Mummy 2 Seth 1/2/05 & Tianah 14/7/06

Hi Leona, I have a 2 month old baby and he has been having showers with his father since he was three weeks old. I am too scared to shower him as i'm worried he will slip out of my hands. He hated the bath so this is why we tried the shower. He loves it.!!!
We give him a washer to hold so he feels secure and his father holds him close to his chest.
I pass baby Ryan to him and when they have finished he passes Ryan back to me and i dry him and dress him. It is so much easier than bathing him. He doesn't mind the water on his head at all. But all babies are different and i think the key to Ryan liking the shower is the fact that he is held close to his fathers chest so he feels secure. Give it a go she will either love it or hate it.
Vanessa A.
I shower my 6mth old and have done for some time now i dont put her head under though. But we have a shower where you can take the hose off. but she loves it not as much as a both though. They dont know how to not breath in and i think thats the only thing you have to watch, there eyes sort of close automaticly. So in answer to your question sure shower your bvaby but try not to let the water run down her face. have fun

dani,nz,6mth baby

I have been showering with our boy (now 11 weeks old) since he was 5 weeks. I hold him firmly in one arm around his legs under his bum, against my chest and use my other hand to lather him with his baby bath stuff. He likes to have his head in the water but if he didn't like it I would never force the issue. Before and after the shower I rest him in a towel in our portable baby bath as he is safe and secure in there while I get undressed/dressed etc.. good luck and I hope you shower experiences are joyful and fun!!

The ages of my other miracles first shower:
Miss 8 - 11wks old
Miss 2 - 9 wks old

p.s....I replied this in your other post under newborns..he was only 8 weeks old then!! how time flies!!!

Kel,nsw, Girl '97 & Girl '02 & Boy '05

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