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twins in general Lock Rss

hi im a 25 y/o mum with a 4 1/2 y/o & twin girls 10wks. i am just interested in any1s hint or advice, also if any1 lives close by ballarat that i could maybe catch up with. i just need some1 that is in my situation(ie twins) to talk to about it. all my friends with babies have only single babies not twins, so they dont have any hints really, and their stories are abit different to mine.
cant wait. lee11

vic,5y/old& 9mth old twins

Hi lee11,
I have not had twins so I probably can't really help. I know that in Melbourne there is a twins club that has all sorts of resources to help out those in your situation (my aunty used this, her twins are now 12 & she is still in contact with other twin mums). Your M&CH nurse should be able to put you in contact with them or possibly even the hospital where you gave birth will have some contacts.
Good luck,
Hi lee11

I am a 20 yr old mum of twins, boy and girl. I know what you mean when people with only 1 baby don't understand. My email addy is [email protected] if you would ever like a chat, or some advice.

Look forward to hearing from you.

hi there tash, was great to get your post. i will certainly e-mail you at some stage(when i get another free min!!!!) and maybe pick your brains about the twins. its nice to know theres some1 out there who is a young mum of twins. thanks again.

vic,5y/old& 9mth old twins


I have just joined the forum. I don't live in Melbourne, but I do have 4 1/2mth old twin boys. You are right in saying that most parents share similarities, but unless you are experiencing the twin thing, then you just don't understand. I would be happy to share stories with you at anytime.

Victoria ~ 3yr old beautiful twin boys


My email address is [email protected] if you want to chat about twins.

Victoria ~ 3yr old beautiful twin boys

thanks for your e-mail addy. i will contact you when i get another spare chance!!!! you would understand hey!!! what with your twins only a little older than mine!!
thanks again, will be in touch soon, babies just started crying so better check them!!!!
hope your twins are going well

vic,5y/old& 9mth old twins

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