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biting Lock Rss

hi my name is haley and i have an almost 11 month old baby boy, who has just started to bite me, it started with biting the clothes, but has now discovered he can get the skin! I don't know what to do as i don't want to spank him, but how will he learn it is wrong, i tell him no, but most of the time the little darling just laughs at me! apart from some of the first things i told him off for, he will listen to me, i would appreciate any help.

haley, new zealand, 11 month baby

Hi Haley,

i was given two options, the first you may not like but it is to bite back - not hard so it hurts but enough to make the baby think "I don't like this".

the other option is to show no reaction at all, the reason he keeps biting is because you are reacting to his bite - he doesn't care if it is a good or bad reaction, so long as you react. So if you ignore it he may get bored and stop.

I tried the second option with my first girl, she would bite my nipple - ouch. But as much as it hurt i did not react at all so she never did it again.

Hope this helps.

Vic, 2 girls - 9 yo & 17mth old

biting on the breast - when this happens take the little angel off and say firmly no! and sit them on the floor away from u.. takes a couple of tries (both but they will get the message.. not nice to have something so lovely and nice taken away!!

oh and biting anywhere else i say "No, its not nice to bite" and my little lovely no longer bites...took about 2
good luck..

Kel,nsw, Girl '97 & Girl '02 & Boy '05

Hi Haley,

I have a 14 mth of baby boy who when he was around 5 months old starting biting me on the nipple whilst feeding!! Boy did that hurt. This was because he was trying to make more milk to meet his growing needs. After a while he stopped, especially when i quickly took him off with a firm No! Just recently he has started to do the same thing as your baby and also biting me on the face. It is an affection thing, as well as teething for him. I just tell him no and a sharp tap on the hand( I hope i don't have to resort to biting him back) I have heard that biting them back does work though!!
Good luck

Sel Tas
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