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Dry skin from thumb sucking Lock Rss

My 13 week old daughter loves to suck her right thumb when she goes to sleep. As a result, her right index finger is really dry/chaffed. I bath her with QV oil and wash and use the QV cream on her face and other dry skin areas, but I was wondering if there was anything suitable that I can use on her finger - obviously it's going to go in and near her mouth so needs to be safe.

there is a nailpolish that i think you can get in the chemist - it is clear! so wont look like you have made your baby look like a supermodel at 13weeks old! but it is for people who bite there fingernails and suck there thumb etc and it tastes funny, so they learn to stop doing it. You should give that a try...
im not sure if you can get it in the chemist but the last time i remember ever talking about it with someone - i think that was the only place you could get it. try it -Kayden 31.1.05 & Tianah 25.8.06

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