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to use or not to use powder! Lock Rss

hi ppl
my baby loves powder, i dont know why - but ever since he was born, he loves the feel of it on his body. Especially after a bath, because it makes him nice and soft. But recently at a mothergroup some of the mums said that its bad for your baby!
Has any one had a problem with powder and should i stop using it even though he loves it so much?
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i was told the same thing a few weeks ago and this is what i was told....
manufactures of baby powder have known about lead contaminationin their products for years but have refused to warn parents. Lead poisoning in childen can cause brain damage, lowered IQ's and behavioral problems.
i have cut out using baby powder on my son now as its so easy to breath in it cant be helped hope this helps u dear!

mum of peter 25/12/04

Gee, I seem to be going thru all your posts tonight!! LOL!
Ihave heard that puffing the powder onto little girls genital area could cause reproductive problems later on in their lives, however it could be just an old wives tale. I like to rub a little over my hands and then rub my hands over Gemma after a bath and give her a little back massage at the same time. I love the baby smell with powder on them. I could sniff them all day.....till they do one of those of course!!

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im still a user... how bout every one else? -Kayden 31.1.05 & Tianah 25.8.06

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