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Mums give yourselves some credit!! Lock Rss

HI this is my first time posting on this site and i want to let you all know how interesting I am finding all your opinions and posts. A lot of the posts I don't have a real strong opinion on, due to the fact I realise that every family has a different situation and of course a different baby!! I just wanted to open up for discussion the fact that our mothers and their mothers put baby on solids when they felt it was right, held a baby in a car in the restraint of a mothers arms, put baby asleep on their tummy if they had bad wind or just because baby liked it on their tummy, put honey on a babys dummy as a treat and put baby to sleep when they were tired, not when the health nurse said to do so or when the sleep right, sleep tight book thinks its right . Obviously your still ok because your reading my message and im ok because im here writing, but what has happened to our gut instincts about what we feel is right for our children and not what everyone else thinks is right (health nurses, books, doctors and so called baby specialists).

P.S I dont think it is right to have baby travel in a car unrestrained, but does anyone get what im trying to say??

bec, wa , 2 yr old

Hi runoffmyfeet and welcome. Your right, I know my mother feed me farex from about 4-6 weeks, never had a car seat, and I think slept me on my tummy and I'm absolutely fine (mostly, the odd tick not withstanding wink ). I have found that alot about being a mum is instinct and gut feeling, rather that what your health nurse, or even your own mother tells you. I feel as new mums we need to trust our own intinct and just go with it. I have a few times and K is a very happy and healthy baby. You have instinct for a reason, use it, and give yourselves all a big pat on the back for being a great mum.

#1 28/11/04, #2 due 6/3/08

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