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pets and babies Lock Rss

hi all,
I have 2 jack russell dogs, just wondering if any one has had any problems with pets and babies? how should i introduce them slowly... at this stage kayden is lucky to see the dogs once a week - we only let them in at night when he is in bed because we dont want anything to happen. But at the same time they are really good dogs, but they are so strong even though they are little im just affraid they might climb all over him! what did you do? for baby weekly specials on nappies and much more. -Kayden 31.1.05 & Tianah 25.8.06

I have 2 huskies. They have always been inside dogs so we knew nothing should change..i could never lock them outside.
I involved them best i could with the pregnancy, and they met bayden when we brought him home.
While I was in the hospital peter would take baydens blanket home, rub it on the dogs to get their scent than bring it back and wrap bayden in it. So they knew he was meant to be here.
My havoc didnt take it to well 1st few weeks but after he realised this thing wasnt going he went fine.
We have the dogs in around him they ocme in and give kisses and are quite happy now to ignore him unless he cries. I think let your dogs in more often than once a week, and let kayden be on the ground with them but u must always enforce dominance over them. They need to know that kayden is above them in the pack. Make your 2 dogs lay on the ground on their backs (u can make them stay by holding the cheeks back toward the ground) if they struggle hold them firmer till hey stop. Then get DH to bring kayden over to touch and rub their tummys. IF you pin a dog to his back and he knows u r pack leader, he wont struggle hence he will know kayden is above him...dominance but no violence is the key

mum to bayden 25/02/05

i jsut posted have to wait 4 it to come thorough. U just gotta let them in and although monitor and tell them no, let them sniff and lick and walk on him. he may cry at 1st but he will get used to it. If they were inside dogs b4 he was born and u put them outside, there may be conflict...await my 1st post i wanted to be an obedience any questions ill help best i can

mum to bayden 25/02/05

I have 2 cats - hmmm - the horror stories I heard!

I set the bassinette up in our room to test the waters and if I saw the cats in it there was all hell to pay. Once I brought Mia home the cats would come and sit next to me while I fed and that was it - no climbing in the bed - thought we had solvered the problem...

Until it got really cold about two weeks ago and we have found our young cat in Mia's bed!!!!!!! He was sleeping at her feet, all cosy and warm. I was furious. He has since been caught in there twice more so now her door gets shut when we go to bed so instead he gets on our bed.

Lucky we have a SIDS monitor for peace of mind.

My only advise - don't turn your back on the dogs or Kayden as he will be the one who will grab at them!

we have now had to give one of our dogs away! sad awww... it was sooo sad, but it was too much of a risk, one of them was getting very rough with the other dog, one slip and bubby could have been gone! -Kayden 31.1.05 & Tianah 25.8.06

I have a jack russell and a Rotty. The Jack Russell is great with the baby I think this is because I work in the disability field and he has come to work with me since he was a pup and he also does volunteer work in retirement homes, so he developed a very gentle temprement. Although I would never leave him alone with the baby because you never know.
The Rotty on the other hand is very gentle and loving towards my husband an myself so i was shocked when she snapped at a baby in the past while I was babysitting, the baby squealed and she didn't know what the noise was so she tryed to bite him which scared the hell out of me. Now that I have my own baby I get really nervous when she is around, which she can probably sense. when I was in hospital my hubby brought home the babies blanket and gave it to them, and when I came home I introduced them to Jack through the screen door. I often go near them when he is crying so they get used the noise. But what it comes down to is that I will never trust the Rotty (Casey) and would like to find her a new home although I love her. The problem is she is my husbands dog and he doesn't believe she is a danger, so I'm not sure how to put it to him, because he becomes quite defencive. I don't want her to actually bite jack or anyone else before he believes me. Any suggestions?

Kath, QLD

Hi everyone I have a dog she is medium sizes and my daughter is 9 months old and she has been introduce to my dog and flo (my dog)lays on her back and Jaye(my daughter) puts her feet on her stomach and pats flo that way til Jaye got abit older. But while Jaye was patting flo I was holding Jaye .

I also have 2 cats and Jaye is excellent with them too I just tell Jaye to be careful and nice to the animals and she is most of the time and the cats, the dog are excellent with Jaye can im so lucky for that but I never leave the animals alone with Jaye.

If trust your animals and just watch them with your little baby and see what happens between them both.

Good luck

Tracey,Jaye (girl)12/06/05, Sam (boy)10/07/09

Hi i have a 1 1/2 year old rotti she is great with teal's i let her pat her the dog sleeps next to the cot sometimes and if she doesn't she always goes in and checks on her! I had advice from Dr Harry about what to do he suggest to think like a dog because they get jealous to! If they hav been inside dogs don't just put outside all of a sudden and if you do have to put them outside always put bubs down 1st and try to involve the dogs at playtime, but don't ever leave the bubs and dogs alone and try to make the dogs think when baby is around is a good thing that they get attention.
Hi I have a 2 Yr old Labrador/Retriever @ home- Anni. I had been letting my bubby (Isabelle) to have little interactions since she was 3 months old. I let Isabelle feed her biscuits and gives food to her. Anni used to jump on people too but amazingly, since the arrival of Isabelle, She stopped jumping on people!! She knows to respect Isabelle!!^^
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