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Baby's head Lock Rss

Hi the top of my baby's head or her scalp seems dry and flaky. Does anyone know why this happens and also the best way to care for it. I recently bought some baby oil should i just rub it on her head?
cradle cap. it goes away after a while by itslef but you can help it by Loosen the crusts by massaging the scalp with mineral oil (like baby oil) at night, then wash the hair with a baby shampoo the next morning, gently lifting the crusts off with a soft brush (a soft toothbrush can be good for this). Try this each day until your baby's scalp looks clearer.
Use a mild antidandruff shampoo if the other treatment is not working – be careful, these shampoos can irritate a baby's eyes more than shampoos made for babies.
If your baby gets reddening and skin on ather parts of the body, its not cradle cap. This only appears on the head and sometme s forhead and nose.\
45% of babies and children have it and some even up to age 5.
take note though Sometimes the skin under the crusts of cradle cap can become infected. The skin becomes redder and small blisters appear, and then pop and weep. This is caused by the same germs that cause impetigo ('school sores'). If this infection spreads, or your baby becomes unwell, make sure that you have your baby checked by a doctor.

mum to bayden 25/02/05

Hey Dilzy

I never had a real problem with cradle cap, but whenever i saw signs of it on bubs head i used to rub a little sorbolene cream over the area. Also my midwife told me not to bother with baby oil and that olive oil is just as good if not better, it's really good to massage on bubs before bathtime.

Have you had any luck yet?

Devlin's Mum - 9 Dec 2004

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