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Wrapping bubs Lock Rss


I was just wondering if any mothers out there r still wrapping their bubs?, my little one is 9mths and I am still wrapping him even though he eventually gets out of it and sleeps on his tummy. Is this a sign for me to stop wrapping him?


My daughter is almost 6 months old. I still wrap her
to go to sleep even though most of the time she falls asleep after wriggling out the it also.
However if i dont wrap her at first she just plays.

You could try putting him to sleep unwrapped and see if he goes to sleep easily if not i would keep wrapping him

Leanne, Eliza Jade 17/1/05

Hi Alix, My daughter is now 10 months and we wrapped her until 6 months (the same as our son). I found she fought the wrap and this created a pattern of bad sleep ie, when she woke up during the night, she wouldn't go back to sleep without being wrapped. So we were up several times during the night wrapping her back up. After about a week of this we decided to stop wrapping her and let her get to sleep herself. Sure it took a few nights of crying herself to sleep but after about a week it was all smooth sailing. Now, she only wakes up to look for the dummy - which we have put on a baby safety pin and pinned to her chest (we did this with our son too). I think you learn much quicker second time around and when you take the hard line and make a decision to do something like not wrap any more, it gets easier and you feel more in control and over yet another stage. I'd say he is ready to sleep on his own and by this time next week he could be!!!!


hey alix,

i still wrap my bubby he is 6 months old, and i did try stop wrapping him last week for a whole day because of the same reasons that your bubby is doing, getting him self out of the wrap and rolling around. But i found it didnt work. He isnt ready to be unwraped, because it was imposible for him to go to sleep, and it was terrible for us also because it then took for ever for him to finally get some sleep he didnt get hardly any and then he was up again.

My suggestion is, TRY it and see how you go. -Kayden 31.1.05 & Tianah 25.8.06

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