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grandparents looking after babies - how its different Lock Rss

hi all,
thought i would see if any of you get your parents (babies grandparents) to look after them for any amount of time by them self (babysit) and does it differ from what you do? does your little one like it or not?
i found when i told my mum to look after Kayden one time i said if he doesnt wake up at 3o'clock please wake him at no later than 3.30 because he needs to stick to the routine for the following day. She didnt do it and didnt get him up until 4 and it really did stuff up my next day.
Does anything like this happen or has happend to you when getting grandparents to look after your little one?
im now hesitant to send him to grandmas in case she gives him something i wouldnt give him etc. -Kayden 31.1.05 & Tianah 25.8.06

Hi Leia,

I havent had my girl babysat by my folks as they live 1200km away!! I would trust my mum with anything - she might not do things as I would, but I know my girl would be safe in her care, and thats all I would want!
My FIL (dont have a MIL) I wouldn't like to leave in his care for 5 minutes!! He has offered Gemma a plastic sticker from a pair of sunnies that he bought, he has been pushing her pram in the supermarket, stopped and looked at something and then kept walking without her, just leaving her in the aisle!! When pushing the pram across the street, he stops at the edge of the footpath so the pram is over the road. It is hard to believe that he brought up a 4 and 2 y.o. by himself!! He is a little airheaded sometimes!

DD1 July 2004 DD2 August 2007 DS September 2009

My MIL has DD once a fortnight for the WHOLE day - I go to my appts (work) on this day. The following day is an absolute nightmare as DD is 'feral'! She won't let me out of her sight, cries when I do disappear and wants to be rocked to sleep just to name a few. Up until last week DD was really good at Grandmas but she had a 'moment' and did not sleep AT ALL... I had a chuckle - sorry but as I said to MIL "welcome to my world".

My daughter has stayed with her grandparents for the odd night and during the day since she was quite young and now she is 2.5. They always spoil her and she does things shes not allowed to do at home but now she knows what rules apply at differnt places and what she can get away with so when she comes home she justs goes back to her normal routine with no problems. Its really quite amazing cos both sets of grandparents and me have differnt rules but as soon as we get there she knows exactly what she can get away with.

When she was a bit younger we had a few problems getting her back into her normal routine after a day or a night away but thats what grandparents a for isnt it..

2 little darlings 29/01/03 + 17/03/05

My MIL has looked after my two bubs whenever we have needed a break. She definately does things differently to us and often doesn't discipline our 3yo boy or keep sleep routines and lets him fill up on junk - making him hypo. This makes him very difficult to deal with when we take control after her visit. But I see it like this - at least she is there for us, whenever. She works full time and on Saturdays and will take carers leave or rec leave to help us when we need her. My mum, on the other hand, has to be asked to help and always says yes, but never offers up front. It hurts that it is like this but what can you do? Just make sure I am better at being a grandparent when its my turn. So, I figure it is worth the headache of an unsettled bub or child for a day or so because the brief time out without the kids is usually so good and so well deserved!


Hi all!

Well, my in-laws look after Louis for us three days a week while I work.

We're are soooo incredibly lucky as we need me to work financially (and dare I say a little for my sanity?) and we couldn't afford childcare.

Unfortunately, we constantly have issues with them, which drive me crazy! They are in their 50's/60's and are old minded with it, and of course their way is the right way!

If they did it when my husband and brother were babies, well then that must be correct! They forget sometimes that Louis is their grandchild so there's a constant power struggle between us.

I'm English myself, and my family are all in the UK, but I know my own Mum would respect my wishes and do things as we want them, however the in-laws are completely different people!

Having said that, they love Louis very much, and I know he's well cared for (spoilt?), I'm just hoping as time goes on they'll get more used to being consistent with our methods of raising him!

Louis' Mum, Wgtn, where did that year go!?!

Hi Leia,

Darl i wouldnt be too concern as kids always pick up that granparents spoil them!! Just like my daughter whenever shes stay over at her granmas place she comes home sooo sulky! LOL She often stays there from one night to 3days.

Kids will learn to behave in the way thats acceptable with each of the ppl in their lives and usually habits are form in about 3days. Just need to remind him that while he is at home such behaviours are acceptable (the rules u set for him)

I think its healthy to have different types of relationships with different members of your family as what his granparents give him u might not be able too (no offence hun but you know what i mean LOL) and this sort of colourful relationships will teach him how to deal with certain situations that often is how it is in the real world.

Take care,

sounds like there are a lot of good grandparents out there...but also bad ones -Kayden 31.1.05 & Tianah 25.8.06

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